The US passport, issued by the Department of State, is one of the most powerful passports in the world. The small blue book is needed for international travel – whether it is for business travel or for leisure travel. With a passport ready at hand, you can be prepared for an international trip at any time. And if you do not have a passport, but need it immediately, you can look for services of expedited passport in Orlando. There are many agencies which offer excellent passport services in Orlando and help customers with their passport issues. Apply with them for expedite passport and you will have the document in hand within the shortest span of time. Infact, same day passport services are also available with such agencies by paying higher fee for the services.

Apart from travel purpose, there are many other reasons why you should have a valid US passport. Read on to know more:

•Multi-purpose and convenient

Your passport can serve as a multipurpose document. Suppose in some uneventful incident, you lose your driver’s license. The passport can easily act as your primary photo identification document. And it will not only help in travel purposes, but in buying things that need your identification. Moreover, when you apply for a replacement of the lost driver’s license, having a valid passport helps considerably.

•International adoption is easier and simpler

You might look for adoption from a foreign land. And for that you have to visit other countries, for which you definitely need a passport. Infact there are many procedures and formalities that have to be completed for the process of adoption. The passport acts an evidence of identity, address, nationality and many other things. Authenticity can be established to some extent with the help of a valid passport.

•Proof of citizenship

Having a US passport is evidence of US citizenship. Without being a citizen of the country, it is quite difficult to acquire a passport. It is not that it can’t be done, but the process is highly exhaustive. With a US passport in hand, you can stand strongly if your citizenship is being called into question. In such a situation, you can produce the passport to the governing authorities which will clear all kinds of confusions regarding your citizenship.

•Keeping record of places you have visited

For entering into another country, permission is required. It can either be in the form of visa or in the form of permits on arrival. Whatever be the way of permission, stamp for the same can be seen on the passport pages. Therefore your passport is the evidence of the places you have visited. This is a good way of tracking the places you have already visited.

•It is a mandatory rule while traveling

If you are a citizen of United States and planning to leave the country, you just cannot leave without the passport. From 2007, all American citizens who travel by air to even Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Bermuda, South and Central America need a valid US passport. Before 2007, US citizens did not need passport for traveling to the above mentioned places. Presently, whether you visit these countries via airways, waterways or roadways – a valid passport is needed.

It is recommended to get the passport well advanced in time. When that is done, you will need to pay the general application fee. However, when the passport is needed on an emergency basis, you will need to resort to expedite services, which need higher fee. Apply for passport well in time and save money and additional efforts and hassles.

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