When reflecting on a kitchen remodeling project, you can’t know the exact cost of your dream kitchen. Various factors affect the final cost of any remodeling project. The choices you make ultimately influence the final cost of renovation.

Today, we’ll look at the top reasons why your budget is likely to go up.

Choosing upscale kitchen elements

Everyone always wants the best for their remodeling projects. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go upscale with your kitchen renovation project and installing white shaker kitchen cabinets. However, you should know that upscale products and finishes will always make your kitchen remodeling project expensive.

In this regard, let’s review some upscaling decisions that you are likely to make that will increase the cost of kitchen remodeling:

Custom cabinetry

There is always a choice between premade cabinetry and custom cabinetry. Of course, when you want to customize your cabinets, the cost will always go higher. This is why you are advised to pick affordable white shaker kitchen cabinets that fit the space of your kitchen. You will save lots of money and still have a beautiful and purposeful kitchen look.

Added features

Some special cabinetry features also cost a lot of money to install. For example, you could add a magic corner that gives you access to hidden cabinetry areas when you remove the pullout shelves.

Any additional feature will always have a cost attached to it, thus, important to regulate your expectation if you are working on a budget.


The materials used in making countertops will largely determine their costs. Plastic laminates are the most affordable of all the options. If you were to choose quartz or granite, the cost of your remodeling project will scale up significantly.


The kind and brand that you choose to have in the kitchen have a direct impact on the overall cost of remodeling. If you go for expensive brands, your remodeling project will be expensive.

Unforeseen structural issues

You could influence some structural changes when installing new kitchen elements. Your idea could have been limited to simple installation of white shaker kitchen cabinets but ended up changing the electrical wiring. This will scale up the cost of remodeling.

Now you know some of the factors that lead to an increase in the cost of kitchen remodeling. Some are avoidable but some are inevitable.

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