Though there are so many eCommerce platforms available, most of the businesses prefer to work with a Magento development company or want to get their stores built with Magento. Here’s the list of reasons for it. 

If you are planning to get your eCommerce website created then the first thing you need to do is choose the best platform among so many available now. And if you research to get the best recommendation then Magento would probably be the first name you will get. 

eCommerce developers love to work with Magento when it comes to building an easy to manage and highly interactive webshop. With Magento, adding, modifying, and removing product images and the details is much easier as compared to the other platforms. The list of advantages does not end here. It has a flock of advantages because of which it is the first choice of developers. And, because of these benefits of the platform, most of the leading eCommerce brands also choose to work with a Magento development company instead of others. 


Want to know why Magento is the first choice for eCommerce development? Here you go. 


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform:

As it is an open-source eCommerce platform, it becomes easy for the developers and store owners to modify the CMS whenever required. Adding features and functionalities to the store is also simpler with Magento. Magento community is ever-growing and dynamic. It is possible to know about the functionalities through the community that actually adds many functionalities by default. Unlike WordPress and Shopify, the platform allows you to control the store in the way you want to offer the customer experience. 


Another perk is the Magento extension marketplace:

The platform has Magento Connect as the extension marketplace. Here, you can download new extensions and can add the same to the Magento Connect Manager. You can easily install fresh extensions and that too without the need to download, extract, or upload the files via the FTP. Some of these extensions come for free whereas the other ones are the paid options. This is the flexibility you cannot enjoy with the other eCommerce platforms. And apart from this, Magento allows easy integration with several other tools like ERP and CRM as well, which is an added plus point of it. 


It is an SEO-friendly platform:

Magento is much more SEO-friendly than the other eCommerce platforms you may know like OpenCart, Shopify, etc. Unlike the other ones, Magento store owners can sell customised goods and services digitally as well. When you have got your online store built, you expect to get it found on the SERPs easily on the top position. Google actually indexes the store pages rightly, employs meta titles, descriptions, and rich snippets to the online stores. Besides this, the community edition of the platform is also very responsive, which makes the Magento sites compatible with every screen size. 


Ensures high security to the e-stores:

Every online store owner desires to make the store highly secure. And Magento makes it much easier, unlike the other platforms. Magento comes with scores of source codes that can be used to spot the bugs and vulnerabilities. Once you identify the bugs, you can fix the same in the next update by the community. Overall, Magento offers high security, privacy, and safety to the customers. 


Magento offers flexibility in pricing: 

When it comes to the hosting options and pricing plans, Magento needs a little more investments than others but the hosting plan is always of the world-class grade. The hosting plans ensure to make a big difference in the performance of the store. Even if you wish to migrate your shopping cart, later on, be sure to enjoy much more flexibility with Magento than others like OpenCart, etc. What you can do initially is that you can go for a one-month trial package to know how it works for your store. 


Now, if you compare Magento with the other platforms like WordPress, OpenCart, or Shopify, you will clearly notice the huge difference in the number of design options, robust SEO tools available, and the difference in customised shopping experiences offered by the e-stores built with these platforms. In every way, Magento stands at a height above the others. 

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a highly skilled developer of a reputed Magento development company in Australia, PHPProgammers. The author has written this article to unbox the benefits of using Magento as the eCommerce platform over the other options.