People love to feel appreciated and loved, whether at work or by their families and friends. Even if we present the people important to us with tokens like gifts or greeting cards or maybe a home-cooked dinner, it just doesn’t feel adequate sometimes.

At work, people work hard to be noticed for promotion or sometimes just to be singled out for praise. They go the extra mile to make that sale or to score that client and as such, employers should be quick to acknowledge their efforts and skills that keep the company going and thriving. And what better way to do this than by giving out trophies, glass trophies in particular.

For as long as the tradition of giving out awards has been going on, people have always preferred to give out and receive awards that they deem to ultimate symbols of excellence. Awards and trophies made out of gold, silver or crystal are the usual choices, but glass somehow stands out as far as expressing appreciation is concerned, especially when designed perfectly to suit the recipients’ personality and preference. Check out ideas for glass trophy designs on the website.

For one, glass trophies are not as expensive as one may think they are. In addition, they can be shaped and formed in any design the giver prefers and can be as easily customized as well. Some online trophy shops even offer free engraving and trophies and awards you can get on a budget. Heavy and cumbersome they might seem but the sentiments they represent make them seem lighter.

Also, people prefer glass trophies as awards than monetary rewards because even though they can’t spend it, it serves as a tangible reminder of their personal success and an inspiration for them to work harder. Besides the fact that they can proudly display them on their desks at work or at special shelves at home, a glass trophy seems to magnify the honor they received and makes them feel special and it looks good wherever you decide to put it, since it lends that sophisticated touch.

Glass is also considered special by trophy makers because unlike other materials, it takes special skill to work with it. The methods used to shape and mold the glass to specific shapes and forms often require tools that can be quite expensive. Starfire glass for example, is a type of glass that is imparted with delicate hues of blue, as with jade glass that is incorporated with a hint of green. But then, the finished product is always worth the effort and the expense, as can be seen from the various designs available at online trophy companies like

And more importantly, people love glass trophies because they never tarnish, unlike their gold, silver and metallic counterparts. It will always be there to serve as a lasting reminder of their significant contributions at work and incomparable skills that make them valuable to the company. Sometimes, making a person feel good doesn’t mean you have to spend money or get them the best of everything…sometimes a single glass trophy, engraved with some well-chosen words of praise does the job best.

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