Best Sri Lanka Beach Tours

Fancy yourself going on a magical boat ride leading up to the crystal blue water of the ocean, well this dream like state is something that can become a reality as you enjoy a magical Sri Lanka beach holiday. There are so many popular beaches in Sri Lanka. Therefore when you plan to go on Sri Lanka beach tours there are quite a number of things you would need to consider. Some of the aspects that you might need to focus on during the planning stage of your holidays would be:

  • The time period you wish to travel
  • Your budget for the stay
  • The purpose of travel – is it to engage in relaxing activities like sunbathing or a enjoy a serene boat ride; or if you want to have a thrilling adventure for the best beach holidays in Sri Lanka
  • Enjoying Sri Lanka Beach Holiday In Tangalle

    Well there are so many places in Sri Lanka that are perfect to enjoy such holidays. But one location that has time and time again come up as one of the best places to enjoy a Sri Lanka beach holiday is the amazing city of Tangalle. Located about 195 kilometers away from the capital city of Colombo, you journey to this beautiful coastal town will prove to be quite rewarding.

    This city has been recognized as an important location of Sri Lanka owing to its role as a major fishing port in the island. Even during the time the Dutch colonization occurred in the country, this port city was used as a main anchorage point. You will be able to see many buildings of Dutch architecture reminiscing this era such as a rest house and courthouse can be seen during Sri Lanka beach tours. An Old Dutch fort built during this era also currently serves as a prison at present.

    In order to enjoy the best beach holidays in Sri Lanka there are so many things to see and do while you stay in this amazing town. Among the most famous activities is to enjoy a boat ride along the lagoon. You will be able to enjoy the rare ecosystem that is home to rare species of fauna and flora. In addition you can visit the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, Parewella Natural Swimming Area, Hummanaya blowhole, Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary and Turtle Watch Rekawa.

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    Jerome Julian is writing on beach holidays to Sri Lanka based on his beach travel experiences to Sri Lanka. He likes Sri Lanka for its beaches and the land, he recommends to check out more beach tour packages from Dilra Tours.