If you are planning to build your house or remodel it, you might want to start with the best flooring design. Of the choices available, we think vinyl flooring could be the most suitable option for your home as vinyl tiles look luxurious and are a product of the latest technology that guarantees long, lasting performance. Here we will explain some of the other reasons why this type of floor is perfect for you.


You need to spend quite a lot for quality flooring. However, when you compare vinyl with other options like ceramic tiles or hardwood floors, you still save money. It might create a similar look, but you won’t need to spend as much and as an additional benefit, vinyl floors will last a long time.

Aesthetically pleasing

The type of floor you choose could affect the look of your entire home, so you need to pick one that will complement the theme of it. Given the availability of different patterns, designs and colours,  it is certain that you will find one which looks perfect for your home. Vinyl floors also look similar to wood or stone, which you can barely tell the difference when properly installed.


Compared with stone tiles and hardwood floors, vinyl floors are softer as there’s a layer of felt underneath that makes it much more flexible. Once you step on these different types of floors you’ll realise that vinyl flooring is more comfortable. Vinyl floors also have added layers of protection against scratches.


You may worry that vinyl floors are cheap and will not last long, but the truth is that vinyl can withstand heavy traffic as even when used in commercial establishments, there is a guarantee that vinyl floors will remain resilient.  At home it’s okay whichever area you decide to use this flooring in as whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room they can withstand constant use. You can also find manufacturers offering several years of warranty on them because they are confident that vinyl floors will last a long time.

Easy to install

It takes time to install some types of flooring as tiling, for instance, requires you to remove the old floor first before putting the new one down. With vinyl flooring, this is just not necessary to do so since you can install it right over the subfloor. You will also not have a hard time finding someone to install vinyl flooring.

Easy to maintain

Vinyl floors are low-maintenance. You do not need to purchase special cleaning agents or wax to keep them bright and new and you also do not need to scrub it all the time, since you can sweep the debris right from the surface. You could also use a mop to keep the floor free from germs as vinyl is also water-resistant, so therefore it’s a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms that always get wet.

Given these reasons, you should consider vinyl flooring. You can look at www.firmfitfloor.com for the best options that would be perfect when installed in your home.

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