As per the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs, it isn't necessary to use a migration agent for the application of visas, and if one does, they should use a registered immigration agent. This is because these agents keep updated procedures and laws that are currently being followed in a country and only registered migration agents are allowed to assist immigration seekers.
Before starting of one's process for a visa, it is of utmost importance to research one's agent and checking their registration. According to the migration act of 1958, it has been specified that only registered migration agents with the government are allowed to give migration services legally and advise appropriately.
It has been specified on the website for DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) that advice received from a nonregistered migration agent would result in incorrect information. Additionally, if a person uses an agent who is not registered, they will not get the same protection that comes through an application with a registered immigration agent.

Finding out if an agent has been registered:

Agents must be registered at the OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority). All registration agents have a unique number of registration that has letters specifically as MARN.
There are some agents with a profile on the website for MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) which is the association of professional migration agents. One can find the agents on this website by country, name, or language. For instance, if an applicant types the name of the MIA Director on the website they would find the result with the director's name. There are a few migration agents, that are also professional lawyers that have years of experience and training that regular agents would not have. A solicitor and a lawyer in one person would have the capacity to represent a person in all courts of Australia. It must be noted that all agents are not lawyers and every agent is not registered as a migration agent.

The aim of an immigration assistant would be:
• Helping with the preparation of a visa application
• Giving appropriate advice to visa applicants
regarding their application
• Providing services of document preparation related to visa applicant sponsorship and also advising the sponsor
• Preparation for proceedings in a court or review tribunal of merits like Administrative Appeals Tribunals or to represent an applicant in the proceedings
• Providing help for repairing request to the ministry for exercising of certain powers that fall under the migration act about a visa applicant

Migration agents are not allowed to:
• Tamper or use influence the outcome of the visa application
• process the application on a Fastrack mode to reduce the duration
• guarantee any applicant a visa

If a visa aspirant appoints a registered migration agent to do the needful for them the agent has to inform the ministry of home affairs. This can be done by them through completing the formalities and having the applicant sign the form 956 advice by an agent /exempting an applicant in assisting immigration.

When a migration agent is appointed by the applicant the government will :
• discuss the visa application with the agent if required
• seek additional information from the migration agent about the visa application if required

Finding a registered migration agent:

If a person seeking a visa needs professional help, they must use an agent that is registered at the OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority). If they find difficulty in feeling confident about the submission of their application and also if it is a complex procedure as per the applicant they may want to use the services of a registered migration agent These agents are the only authorized people who are allowed to help with providing immigration in return of a fee. The list for registered migration agents of Australia is available and searchable on OMARA. Some agents work from outside Australia as well.

Accuracy of information:
The accuracy of the information provided by the applicant is still their responsibility. Providing false/misleading details or information may lead to refusal of visa grant for cancellation of visa.

Problem reporting about migration agents:
• The visa application of a person would not be affected if they have a complaint regarding their registered migration agent
• If an applicant or a person has any grievances or issues with their registered migration agent, which is not being resolved. They may complain to the OMARA as they are the only authority that can consider such complaints regarding the registered migration agents
Migration agents that work outside Australia would not be required to be registered at the OMARA.
In the case of unprofessional or unethical conduct by the registered migration agent, the applicant must report the same to their closest overseas office.

For refunds
• The OMARA office cannot order an agent to refund the applicant's fees, as it does not have the power to do so.
• A person would need to contact their agent or customer protection office of their territory or state

At the time of using an agent's services, it is necessary to understand their experience level in providing services of migration and visas. This difference can also be identified between an approved and a rejected application. Although the final decision of an application exclusively depends on the executive who is assigned an applicant's case, it is a professionally assembled visa application that would give a person higher chances of succeeding.
In the case an application is made through an experienced and registered migration agent who has secured good image and reputation, they would be able to assist an immigration aspirant to collect the sought information and combine the most relevant and important information into the person’s application. There is evidence in a visa application that the immigration seeker meets the legal criteria for the procedure and fulfillment of the visa requirements and wherever a detail is unhelpful or missed, it would invite a refusal by the officer on the application.

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