It may be hard to walk past a bunch of well ripe fresh fruits, but it is even harder to walk past a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Naturally, flowers are beautiful, and their scent is a total positive mood changer. Flowers are known to be bright and lovely. Did you know having flowers around you has a lot of health benefits?

Having flowers in your home space or office can; improve your concentration, boost your mood, prevent illness, and improve your mental health.

You might be complete in love with flowers, but have you ever given it a deep thought? Something like making a floristry career and establish a flower business? If you have never given that love for flowers a good deep thought, this is your time- do not let that love be simply a relationship with flowers.

Wider Job Market and Carrier Opportunities

The floristry industry is an incredibly competitive sector due to its rapidly growing business. Floristry career is the way to go and has a promising future plus readily available career opportunities. Imagine yourself being the best floral designer or florist?

That is quite fascinating, right? If you are thinking of where to study floristry, Pearsons School of Floristry offers the best florist course . Floristry entails so much exciting stuff to learn about, e.g., you can learn floral designs, the difference between a variety of flowers, flower arrangement, and practical skills that will help you manage your business skills and social media marketing skills.

Variety Of Courses Available

There are numerous courses you can pursue in floristry. You can pursue a certificate or short courses program depending on your choice. There are short floristry courses offered that usually last for a few hours, days, or weeks, often sold on offer and better known as workshops.

The shorty courses offered include;

1. One day courses; Christmas workshop, bouquet and vase arrangement workshops, and certificate III taster workshop.

2. Few hours courses; flower club workshop and creative installation workshop.

3. Several weeks courses; Floral design series.

4. Certificate III information sessions

Affordable Prices Offered to Study

To study floristry is very affordable and flexible. You can decide either to study part-time or full-time. Mostly the short courses can last only one-two hours. Very flexible, no matter how busy your schedule might be, you cannot lack one or two hours. The short course prices range from three hundred dollars (hours category) to one thousand dollars (5 weeks category).

Generates High Revenue For an Individual

The overall flower market business in the UK is worth 1.5 billion Euros. That means the flower business is quite huge, and if only people could realize its potential, they would end up reaping high profits.

A successful floral designer or business owner may end up earning up to 50 euros per hour. Imagine yourself earning that - approximately 400 euros in a day working for just eight hours, and you are not limited.

Great Networking Channels and Entertainment

Most of the florist lifestyle is filled with lots of fun, socializing, and entertainment. It must be boring sitting in an office or business for hours, but the case is different when it comes to floristry.

What makes it exciting and entertaining? For instance, most of the floral designers` job involves setting up flower design for different occasions and social events such as weddings, preparing dinner nights, parties, modeling events, etc. They also work in several flower shops.

Floral designers` life is more of moving from one job to another, meeting new people, engaging in a new task, and learning new skills every day.

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