In recent years, VoIP, or calling in the cloud, has become a business standard. After all, internet calling makes calling a lot more flexible and the possibilities much more extensive. Partly for that reason, ISDN, an outdated technology, will disappear by September 2019. Still not convinced of the switch? We are happy to list the benefits of VoIP for you.

Created an Unbreakable Connection with Customers
The clock now really starts ticking. ISDN 1/2 will come to a definite end in the foreseeable future. From 1 September 2019 it will be phased out and you will no longer be able to call using this technology. Time to switch to the future-proof alternative as quickly as possible: Yeastar S50 Nairobi.

Prevent Unreachability
For your services it is of course important that you are as accessible as possible. Your business calling plays an important role in this. Many companies relied on ISDN 1/2 for this, which for many years was the connection for calling. However, digital developments have made technology obsolete.

For that reason, it will no longer be available soon. If you still use this, you run the risk of suddenly becoming unreachable. And that can quickly lead to negative consequences for the continuity of your business. Unnecessary and, moreover, easy to prevent. Stay reachable - opt for hosted calling services.

Extensive Functionality
VoIP solutions like yeastar s50 nairobi provides the user with much more functionality. This includes forwarding options, setting options menus and sending voicemail to e-mail. With ISDN connections, these functionalities are often not available, or complex and expensive. With a yeastar s50 nairobi this is a piece of cake; You set the functionalities yourself and who can use them via the interface.

Lower Calling Cost
With Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX, investments in expensive telephone exchanges are canceled. The management and maintenance of copper connections are also disappearing. And because Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX services runs entirely via the internet, call costs are also much lower. In addition, VoIP solutions are easy to scale up and down. This means you only pay for what you actually use. VoIP is therefore also the right choice in terms of cost.

Fixed Mobile Integration
VoIP solutions are ideal for increasing your accessibility quickly and easily. Calls coming in on the landline can be easily transferred to the mobile phone. That way you are always available for your customers and you never have to miss a conversation. And that is of course good for your customer satisfaction.

Perfect for the Mobile User
For most employees, mobile working is the rule rather than the exception and that includes supporting solutions. VoIP solutions are available in the form of apps, making them a valuable addition to the mobile workplace. It enables you to communicate always and everywhere - and therefore considerably more efficiently.

Link with CRM Solution
If you go with yeastar s20 Kenya, can be linked to other programs, such as CRM systems. This allows you to see immediately who is calling and you have the latest details of your conversation partner immediately at hand. You can supplement this with new information during the interview. This way Yeastar S20 kenya ensures that your customer information is always up-to-date and you never fall behind the facts.

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Misty Jhones