Saving for your dream could be the reason why you decide to approach an amateur home inspector. But please note in mind that the inspector you are hiring is an inexperienced one and lacks the expertise. So, you can expect loopholes in the home inspector report or ignorance of any severe issue in the house pipes. Well, it sounds easy and within your budget, but a huge risk in hiring such an inspector.
So, we have listed out proper reasons why you shouldn’t consider hiring an amateur home inspector and hire an expert instead.

1. They Do Not Provide Credentials and a Robust Reason for Hire.

Before you hire a home inspector, you are supposed to evaluate their credentials such as the years of experience, the level of expertise, reviews, ratings, testimonials, license, qualifications and so on. But an amateur inspector may not have the requisite credentials for your evaluation purpose. Hence, you could be selecting an inspector based on your instincts and not based on experience and knowledge.

2. They prepare a home inspection report with excess jargon.

An inspection report mentions in writing about all the serious and less-serious issues existing in your house structure, foundation, plumbing, etc. Moreover, this report is an important document to be submitted to the builders, house owners, insurance companies, real estate developers and government institutions. Hence, you need a report that contains easy-to-understand jargon and precise explanations.
But an amateur submits a report which is not detailed enough and is loaded with vague jargons, making it difficult for you to understand.

3. They do not add necessary details in the inspection report

As we said earlier, the home inspection report should contain information about severe concerns in the home so that they can be fixed. Also, it helps a home buyer to make the purchase decision. Yes, since it is a conscious decision, you ought to have a true and accurate report.
Depending on an amateur inspector for the report might land you into trouble. This is because since he is not aware of the technicalities in a house, he could skip the issues that require immediate attention. Also, he might miss out testing of certain things such as the roof, attic, furnace, and others. Even if he has tested the above things, he should add in the report diligently and not ignore it.

4. They do not recommend experienced contractors

It is the concrete responsibility of the Home inspector in Lithia FL to provide you with references of contractors such as plumbers, electricians, testers and so on. But if an amateur inspector recommends you inexperienced or unlicensed contractors, then it could result in massive trouble.
So, if you want to purchase a new home, or get things fixed, go for a professional home inspection service.

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