Teams often fail because:

Teams will look for recognition as a team and also individual recognition. This is a fantastic motivator because people want to know that what they do matters. Often it seems that only recognition from their manager is what counts but that is not true. Praise from their peers is often very rewarding. Teach the team it’s OK and great to recognize each other.

Each team member needs to know the role they are expected to do. Don’t assume that each member understands fully but have the members explain their roles. Also how it relates to the big picture.

Mistakes happen. Humans make mistakes. It's not okay to hold it against the person who came up with the idea in the first place. And it’s not OK to go after people making them feel unworthy. Make it clear that solutions are now what the team will go after.

Teams need to accept differences of each member. The members do not have to be all the same. Different approaches and techniques may bring a perspective that makes the team smarter and stronger, and may even be an easier way of getting things done.

They fail to recognize ideas are very important and ideas from the team are very important. The leader needs to seek ideas from the group.

Disrespect of others or the team or disrespect those who are served by the team are just not allowed. It weakens everyone's credibility, causes hard feelings, and overall impacts performance and productivity. It is unprofessional and the team is known for its professionalism.

Letting people who sit back, arms crossed, and let everyone else do the work. Their body language says they are not going to work. This needs to be addressed immediately and the body language corrected and the work done. A talk may do the trick and it would be good to ask how this employee feels also. Is something going on?

Teams don’t believe in themselves. Teams are a powerful force when they learn have knowledge, skills, relationships, and energy that people with a single purpose possess. When momentum the team can become an unstoppable force and that is so incredible to witness.

Teams that respect each other and have friendships have done better than teams that don’t seem to know each other. It seems that if people get along and are fond of each other don’t want to let each other down. Friendships are a good thing.

Negativity will in the end tear things down if not redirected.

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