It often seems that for every person who signs up for a seminar, there's at least one or two more who are undecided about attending.

Some are uncertain because they have financial concerns and aren't sure they'll receive enough value for their investment. Convincing these prospects to register takes highly persuasive copy and lots of follow-up.

But other prospects are easier to reassure. Emotionally, they are sold on participating. But the logical part of their brain needs to be set at ease about committing to participation in your seminar.

To move these individuals off the fence and onto your registration list, provide answers to common questions about your event. Questions that relate to the registration fee are top priority, such as "What is your satisfaction guarantee?" "What if I have to cancel?" and "What's included in my registration fee?"

But don't overlook questions that seem to be trivial, such as "What should I wear?" "What about meals?" and "How do I get to the hotel?" The more you're able to help prospects visualize their entire seminar experience, the more at ease they'll be ... and the fewer obstacles will stand between you and another registration.

To make these details easy to find, post a list of frequently asked questions on your website or include a page of seminar details and common questions in your brochure. Sending a direct mail package? Consider including an insert with your seminar FAQs.

To register for a seminar, prospects need to be convinced that the event will deliver an experience that is worth their money, as well as their time. Each additional detail you provide about your event could make the difference in convincing a prospect that your seminar is a must-attend event.

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Jenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, coaches and consultants fill seminar seats and make more money from their own seminars and workshops. Her on- and offline direct marketing campaigns have netted response rates as high as 84 percent -- on budgets as small as $125. For more free seminar marketing secrets, visit