Reawakening love IS possible. It happens all the time. Just when you most feel like giving up, letting go and moving on, stop and reevaluate before leaving. Yes, there are some relationships that have truly run their course. Perhaps the reason for connecting no longer exists and both would be happier elsewhere. But very often, two people reach an impassem, an inevitable butting of heads and personality differences, and instead of working through the issues they just give up and leave.

Remember that it all begins with you, with what YOU are feeling in your own heart. It has less to do with the other person or people in your life. When you feel love and share your love you do affect and influence the hearts of others. Your love spreads and allows their love to be felt.

If you can't answer yes to all of the following, then don't focus on the other people but look back at yourself. Discover what you need to do now to bring back that sense of love within yourself first.

• Are you currently feeling surrounded by love in your life?
• Do your friends, family, associates and colleagues support you in your life dreams?
• Have you found pleasure, profit, fulfillment and success in your chosen life path?
• Do you love waking up and exploring all the adventures your life has to offer each day?
• When you go to sleep do you recall the day and appreciate your life with total gratitude?
• Are you creating and manifesting love?

It is not a simple task to take control of your mind and to discover the underlying beliefs that are guiding and ruling your thoughts and behaviors. Through quiet self-reflection and dialogue with your own self you can uncover and release old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Now is the time to learn what it takes to create love in your life. If you are not in a current relationship, then spend some time reviewing "your part" in all your previous relationships. Forget what the other people have done and decide how you could have handled things differently. Do the same if you are currently in a relationship. Focus on how YOU can make a difference, how your newly found loving behavior can create sustainable change.

If you feel you canm't do it alone, don't despair. Read books. Take seminars. Find a love coaching or a relationship therapist. Take the time and devote your attention to recreating love. And watch your relationships transform.

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Dr. Erica Goodstone is a Relationship Healing Expert helping men and women heal through love. She has been a first hand witness to hundreds of couples that turned from hostility, indifference, anger or depression to loving and tender sensitivity and affection. Reawakening love IS possible and does happen often. Read her chapter, "Reawakeing Love," in the newly launched book, Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality. Get your signed copy now at