Birth and infancy traumas can affect people well into adulthood, and even for their entire lives. Many emotional and psychological issues, and dysfunctional patterns and tendencies can be traced back to birth, infancy, and early childhood.

For the first few years of our lives we are basically in a hypnotic trance. We have no discriminating consciousness. Everything that happens, to us and around us, is downloaded directly into our subconscious mind.

We form conclusions about life and ourselves, and we make unconscious decisions about others and the world while we are in this very open, vulnerable and impressionable state. And then we are often driven and controlled by these factors for the rest of our lives.

We “inherit” the unconscious fears, limitations, aspirations, and the hidden or suppressed desires of our parents and grandparents. We take on the core beliefs of those around us. We form and define ourselves in relation to others.

In essence, we receive programs that limit who and how we are. And what’s more, these impressions and this programming actually begin not at birth when we take our first breath, but while we are still in the womb.

All this is now well proven and widely accepted in most medical/scientific circles. But when I first began to teach Rebirthing-Breathwork in the mid 1970’s, this was not the case. And the notion that a few “conscious connected breathing sessions” could result in profound healing and growth was considered “new age nonsense.” Breathwork was looked upon with great skepticism, if not outright hostility.

At the time, most mainstream medical professionals believed that the only way to treat deep-seated psychological or emotional issues and problems was thru long-term counseling or psychoanalysis, and/or with psychotropic drugs. And the same held true for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Today, leading psychiatrists, psychotherapists and medical professionals from all over the world, practice or prescribe breathwork for these conditions. Of course I am very happy to see this because I have been shouting about it from rooftops for many years, and I often felt like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

But thanks to pioneers like Bernie Siegel, Herbert Benson, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Richard Brown, Stan Grof, Bruce Lipton, and many others, “transpersonal psychology” and “mind-body medicine” has come of age, and Breathwork has finally made its way into some layers of the mainstream.

The fact is we have always had the ability to lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps. There are ways to clear and resolve the long-standing effects of trauma, negative impressions and limiting subconscious beliefs. We can replace them with positive and empowering states and attitudes. And you don’t need years of specialized training, permission, or a license to do this—or to support others in doing the same.

Through Rebirthing-Breathwork, anyone with a belly button, and a normal attention span, together with the willingness to learn and practice, can drop ancient deep-seated habits and patterns, conditioning and programming. We can all reclaim our original essence and purity, our natural power, perfection, and boundless joy!

If we relax in a safe environment with someone we trust; if we breathe in a conscious continuous way, while remaining alert and aware, open and relaxed, we can process our own thoughts and feelings, and our own emotions. We can unravel, dissolve, or release all of our early traumas and any limiting programs.

After witnessing thousands of “breathing miracles,” I have utter certainty of the therapeutic power and potential of Rebirthing-Breathwork. And yet, I am itching to move on, and to take breathwork to new levels: because I have come to realize that restoring and renewing ourselves is just the beginning of an astounding journey of freedom.

While most medical professionals, healing arts practitioners, and even many breathworkers are still focused on problems and pathology, on the illness and disease model, I am devoted to using breathwork for a higher purpose: and that is “transcendence.” 

We are coming to the point where we can simply drop the game of illness and suffering altogether—like a snake sheds its skin. We can shift our awareness and energy away from dis-ease, and focus on a completely different level. By doing so, all of our psychological and emotional issues and challenges—even serious physical medical conditions—resolve themselves, or simply fall away on their own!

I don’t see illness and disease, birth and infancy traumas, negative and limiting programs, or painful life experiences, as problems anymore. They are in fact gifts! And one of the main goals of Breathwork is to transform these things into springboards to higher consciousness, to spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, and ultimate liberation. 

We have many extraordinary untapped powers and abilities latent within us; and breathwork offers us a simple and easy way to unlock, awaken and embody these higher capacities.

I like to say that Rebirthing-Breathwork is easy but not simple, or simple but not easy. However, it can be described simply and easily. It is “conscious connected energy breathing.” Leonard Orr introduced it to the West in the mid 70’s.

While doing Rebirthing-Breathwork, the breathing is consciously connected or continuous: which means there are no pauses or gaps between the breaths. The inhales are active, the exhales are passive, and they merge.

Moment to moment “open relaxation” is also a key factor in the process; as well as a willingness to feel deeply and to be totally present to what is, as it is. Furthermore, Rebirthing-Breathwork is about breathing energy and not just air.

A good breathing coach, guide, or facilitator is a priceless ally when we embark on this transformational journey. And a well-trained “Rebirther” can teach the average person to rebirth themselves in as little as five to ten training sessions.

If you are serious about peak performance, optimum health, and ultimate potential, then you owe it to yourself to take on breathwork as a life skill. You would be wise to add it to your spiritual arsenal or toolbox!

There are thousands of good breathworkers in the world. And if you would like me to refer you to one of them, I’ll be happy to do that. But what I really would like, is to invite you to become one, for your own sake!

I suggest that you to take the first step in this remarkable journey by scheduling a private session or by attending a public seminar, workshop, or training.

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