Its not about WHAT you want to be, its about WHO you want to be – Go out there and get a life, not just a job!

“To change one’s life: start immediately, do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.” - William James

Did you ever imagine when you left school / college / university that you would probably have as many as seven (yes seven) different careers in your lifetime! Well that is just an average!

Our lives change and equally so do our career paths because of that. Many different factors have to be taken into account – where you live, how you spend your money, how you spend your free time. Whether you are married and have children, all these things have to be entered into the equation.

So you have to think not just about career planning, but also about life planning. When I meet clients for the first time, I always ask who do they want to be not what do they want to be. They need to know what they want their life to be like before they make any further decisions and before I can go any further with them.

Until recently (and in fact in many cases its ongoing) most of our lives were built around work. That seems wrong to me. Society shouldn’t encourage us to work long hours at something we don’t enjoy in order to get a few hours doing something we really love!

If your days are usually made up of getting ready for work, going to work, working, lunch, working late (probably!) going home, dinner, maybe doing the work you had to take home, then you need to think carefully about what you are doing. You don’t have a life!

If you continue in the same vein, it also means you are well and truly in the “rate race” until you are so tired you have to “retire”.

If I am describing you and if you value your time and your lifestyle, you need to think seriously about recareering because you will find it much easier to create a rewarding career when it fits with your lifestyle.

Author's Bio: 

I am originally from the UK but have lived internationally for the last 13 years, including time spent in the middle east. Currently I am living in Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean and focusing on being a Recareering Coach.
My background is in Human Resources and most recently I worked for a large media company in the middle east. I believe the way forward for many people is recareering and I will be conducting private and group coaching, including workshops, individual tuition face to face and also via Skype.