A receptionist’s job in layman’s language as the name suggests is to be at the reception and tackle everything and everyone who comes there. The actual scenario is little different though, it is not that the receptionist does not have his or her duties chalked out. Talking technically of the receptionist job description and duties, kindly find them listed in the following:

Being the Host
The receptionists, because of their placement of desk, have to greet people who come to the organization, ask them about their work with them, inform them about their requirement, etc.

Attend to Phone Calls
Answer phone calls about inquiries from customers, business associates, take down their messages and get back to them and transfer the line to the concerned department or authority
Update employees and management about any messages received through phone calls or delivered by post, courier, etc.

Update Records
The reception job description includes updating the changed phone numbers, contacting people for any administrative official requirement. It may be ex employees or other people like repairers, technician, etc.
The record sheets of employees of their attendance and some time the number of leaves (in smaller organizations) is tackled by these professionals

Give Appointments
Setting up appointments of people who want to visit the human resources personnel, any member of the management, for business or any other purpose, it is the receptionist’s duty to allot time slots for the same and inform both the parties
Setting up interviews, conducting the preliminary tests, announcing the results, etc.

Making people wait in the queue and handle chaos at the reception
Guide visitors for meeting employees they wish to meet at their desks

These are some of the key duties and responsibilities of a receptionist in an organization. These duties may differ a bit depending on the organization’s strength and the different departments they have. In some companies, the receptionists handle some of the administrative duties like keeping the stationery in check, handling some part of the accounts section, for example, the attendance, etc. That is why the receptionist should be aware of the work that happens in the organization. He or she has to know why someone who comes to the reception wants to meet a person and in case of unavailability who is the next best concerned person.

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