Are your batteries running on low? Do you feel fuzzy, lethargic, and are having trouble making decisions? The beta brainwave frequency can quickly restore and recharge your energy, using the medium of brainwave entrainment.

Beta brainwaves are stimulating and have a great impact on intelligence, mood, emotional stability, energy, and focus.

Beta brainwave vibration is one of the fastest frequencies we experience and is usually where we spend a good part of our day. Beta is the outside world, the home of the ego. Too much of this brainwave frequency can stress out your system, and be very detrimental to your health, mentally and physically.

However, the benefits of beta brainwave frequency, if used responsibly (by not letting yourself get carried away and over-stressed), are quite outstanding.

Beta Brainwave Frequency

· Is measured at between 14 and 40 Hz or cycles per minute.

· Is calibrated to focus on present reality, here in the third dimension, and filters out any higher dimensions that you access in slower brainwave frequency.

· This is deliberate. Beta lets your conscious and unconscious perceptions focus on physical reality.

· In this state, you are fully alert and awake.

· You will experience most of beta in the left hemisphere-the thinking brain.

· Beta is your conscious mind.

· This fast wave grounds you to what you perceive as your reality.

· Because the left hemisphere is activated in beta, your mind is focused on logical, sequential activity.

· The brain is kept busy processing information that has arrived through the five senses.

· If the brain doesn't put this information in order, we become confused and overwhelmed. This happens when the beta frequency is on the higher end and not accompanied with information integration in the alpha wave.

· Beta frequency is bound by time and space. The here and now.

· Without Beta wave, you would not be able to function in the world.

· Beta frequency helps you think quickly, on your feet.

· If you are shy, beta helps you be more social-connected.

· You are feeling the beta wave when you feel excited and exhilarated.

· All goals originate from this state of consciousness.

· Beta enables you to reach your peak performance, a great asset on and off the court.

· Positive thoughts are formed here.

· Beta brainwave frequency gives you tons of energy, helping you get from start to finish.

· Beta wave will increase your I.Q. and give you a high level of laser-like focus.

· You are in beta when you talk, and when you listen.

· It will help you write easily and quickly.

· When you are aware of being hungry, you are in beta.

· Beta releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers and works as a natural amphetamine, controlling your energy, excitement and motivation.

· Beta secretes serotonin, a feel good hormone, adrenaline for energy, and cortisol to lubricate your nerve cells and get you up and going.

· During beta state, neurons fire rapidly so your mind works very quickly, shifting through ideas and dismissing or pursuing them. You are in a state of total awareness.

Beta brainwave frequency will help you recharge your energy levels and elevate you to your peak performance level.

By-the-way, this is one form of entrainment that you can use with your eyes open and still receive the full benefits of the beta vibrational frequency.

If you had the mind power to change your life, for the better, using your brainwaves, why wouldn't you?

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Wanina Petlock is the founder of Waverider Emporiumand the developer of specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings, that are based on over 70 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment clinical research and investigation. She is a speaker and expert writer on brainwave entrainment and its endless uses for busy everyday living. Wanina works for a major Canadian Home Health company, specializing in palliative care, for which she has just won the “caregiver of the year” award. Wanina, also, a birth and death doula, uses brainwave entrainment, reiki, and energy medicine, as therapeutic aids in her other practices. And in her down time, Wanina uses her intuitive skills, brainwave entrainment, and EVP to “ghost hunt”, and keep in touch with the many friends, who have passed on, to the next adventure.
Wanina invites you to, to discover how easy it is to manifest, solve, and create, while releasing the power of your mind, using brainwave entrainment.