Most men are intimately familiar with the landscape of their equipment, tending to carefully scrutinize it for any unsightly or out of place lumps, bumps, or red spots. While a sudden development in that area may send some men running for the clinic, there are certain bumps that are nothing to sweat about. Three common - and more importantly benign - bumps to be aware of are detailed below, along with penis care tips that can help to banish unsightly bumps and blemishes.

Benign Bumps of the Penis

1) Penis Pimples: While everyone hopes to leave acne in their adolescent past, the fact of the matter is, the occasional penis pimple can crop up at any time. Though unpleasant - and possibly a bit painful - a penis pimple is no more harmful when found on the nether regions than when found on the face. The biggest worry of a penis pimple is likely embarrassment, particularly if one has plans to be getting up close and personal with a partner. A pimple will appear as a red bump, though occasionally it may have a white head on it, and may produce slight discharge.

Tempting though it may be, a penis pimple should not be popped or squeezed, as that merely causes more bacteria to be released in the area - and potentially more pimples to be formed. Simply wash the area daily with a gentle cleanser and it should clear up on its own soon. Harsh acne medication should not be used on the penis as it may cause irritation or even infection if it should find its way up the urethra. Natural vitamin A is a better treatment for the area, as it is non-irritating and fights pimple-causing bacteria.

2) Ingrown Hair: Believe it or not, an ingrown hair can create a very large, surprisingly painful lump virtually overnight, which is certainly cause for alarm in most men. The lump is likely to be red, filled with white pus and may be tender to the touch. Men who shave the area or have particularly coarse, thick public hair tend to be more prone to this type of bump. An ingrown hair should not be squeezed, as that may exacerbate the irritation; it is likely to clear up on its own in several days.

Vitamin A is also a good treatment for this type of lump as it helps fight the bacteria that may be lurking in that inflamed hair follicle. To avoid creating the problem in the future, always shave with the grain of the hair - not against it - and use a loofa to gently exfoliate the area in the shower.

3) Cysts: Though the word itself sounds a bit scary, a cyst is really nothing more than a fluid-filled nodule that, unfortunately, sometimes appears on the penis or scrotum. They are usually small - about the size of a pea - and can show up as a single lump or a patch of bumps. A cyst can be filled with fluid or a cheesy substance that is about as pleasant as it sounds.

A cyst should go away on its own eventually, though some men choose an elective procedure to have it surgically removed. This can occur if the cyst is particularly large and uncomfortable, or if cosmetically it is bothering the owner.

Maintaining a Healthy Penis

Many of the benign lumps and bumps occur naturally due to location of the area. Let’s be honest - a man’s junk is sweaty, hot, and full of bacteria, making it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of mystery bumps. Luckily, practicing a good hygiene regimen can reduce the occurrence of some of these nuisances. Obviously, washing the area daily in the shower is rule numero uno, but some men’s skin naturally produces more pore-clogging oil, so a second wash may even be necessary to keep bumps at bay. Following the washing routine with an all-natural penis vitamin creme, (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) particularly one containing the bacteria-busting vitamin A, can help make below the belt blemishes a thing of the past. Simply wash, pat dry, and apply.

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