In clinical practice, chronic prostatitis can give rise to the prostatic disorder and impact the peripheral nerves in human body. The nerves may be swollen and compressed by the inflammatory organs and tissues, which will repeatedly lead to the urinary sensation, giving rise to the frequent while small amount of urination.

For sufferers with chronic prostatitis in most cases, the prostate gland tissues are getting stiff and sclerotic, which can result in the peripheral nerve to be impacted and make the physiological conduction out of order unknowingly, thus giving rise to the frequent urination and related problems.

What foods are recommended to sufferers with frequent urination invited by chronic prostatitis?

Commonly, carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, and some specific stuff will easily result in the aggravation of bladder mucosa edema and enhance the frequency of urination. Scientific diet plan, which means eating more foods beneficial to male fitness, can play a marked role in urination-improving and anti-inflammatory aspects, and can help to relieve the urinary frequency and urgency in daily living.

Herbal doctors point out that the pumpkin seed oil contains the phytosterol, also named as cucurbitacin, which has a good preventive and relieving effect on hyperplasia of prostate gland and can solve the swelling triggered by early hypertrophy of the prostate gland.

Males should know that pumpkin seed oil is one of the most important foods for male prostate fitness. A recent research in America found that the use of pumpkin seed extract in sufferers with prostate hypertrophy did reduce the frequency of frequent urination and improve other symptoms.

Furthermore, pumpkin seed oil is more convenient to take. 5ml at a time can be taken orally directly, or mixed with juice, or mixed with yogurt. If mixed with yogurt, it can improve intestinal flora, which is most beneficial to health. Besides, male friends can also use pumpkin seed oil to mix tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, add about 5ml pumpkin seed oil, add a small amount of salad dressing and mix well, or they can add some purple cabbage, and other ingredients.

Another common medicine or food plant is the dandelion, which also features a good effect on the urinary frequency, burning sensation, and poor urination triggered by prostate problems or urinary tract infection in male sufferers.

Usually, the dandelion is a kind of plant used in herbal medicine and nutrition, which contains rich mineral elements and has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. It can help to promote urination, improve dysuria, burning pain in urination and the like. It is good for maintaining male fitness and preventing urinary tract infection.

What’s more, all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, coarse grains, and crude cellulose foods are also commonly recommended. Meanwhile, sufferers ought to actively receive suitable therapy as well. For example, taking the natural therapy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option, which can effectively terminate bacteria and improve inflammation, so as to better solve the sufferers' symptoms related to frequent urination.

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