Choosing the ideal swimsuit is not an easy task, however here we will give you some recommendations that will make the decision-making easier and more pleasant. We will analyze what difference there is between choosing one type of swimwear over another so that your choice is the most appropriate.


A swimsuit or bathing suit designed for women is a solid garment, mostly made of fabric. There are different types of Swimsuits with an infinite number of shapes, colors and textures, as they have evolved from the 90s to the present day.

The sleeveless swimsuits are ideal to stylize the body and provide a sexy look just like in the 90s. Wearing a classic on the most visited beaches will give you a unique touch above all the others.

A neutral colored swimsuit will achieve a sober look that fits perfectly with those women of short stature and voluptuous abdomen. Likewise, the combination of light and dark colors will accentuate your abdomen creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

On the other hand, swimsuits with bright colors are made for taller women with a flat stomach. You can find many options online for these types of swimsuits with exorbitant and scandalous colors if you are one of those who loves to attract attention.

You have to be very careful with the patterns, because if they are not used correctly, they can damage our day. If you are thin choose to choose large prints, but if you are more plump then always look for small prints.

A swimsuit with a halter neckline is an excellent option as it will accentuate the looks on your shoulders and back. This type of swimsuit also focuses attention on the upper abdomen; just below the bust. At the same time, it makes those with little bust look better. And for those with a larger bust it can provide comfort because they will feel much more secure.

One of the great advantages of wearing swimsuits instead of bikinis is that you will feel safe without fear of showing beyond what is essential. A garment that can give you both beauty, comfort and mobility.


The bikini Push up are one of the most leading the industry suits currently bathroom. These are preferred by many women as they lift the bust and make it appear fuller. They are made up of cups with a certain angle and rods that shape the fabric of the bra, thus providing a much more exuberant appearance.

Push up bikinis can be found both in physical stores that sell swimwear and in online Bikini stores. In fact, online there is more possibility of finding a design for each type of body and preference. Another good place to find a variety of bikinis is in warehouses near the most touristy beaches.

This swimwear is made up of two separate pieces, the lower part made up of a pantie of different models, and the upper part consists of a swimsuit bra with a surplus of A-cut fabric under the bra.

American Flag Bikini is another swimwear that is at its peak today. This type of bikini has an unbeatable function, as it helps to hide those unwanted abdominal rolls of fat.

These are essentially a type of panties whose height goes above the navel, which allows to hide that extra belly.

It is time to choose which swimsuit is ideal for you. It is very important to take into account your body type, your weaknesses and strengths so as not to fail when choosing one. Remember that colors and patterns speak a lot about you, so be sure to choose the one that fully identifies you

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