Does your child is having a birth defect, like, palate or cleft lip? Have you already gone through mastectomy? Or you might have experienced a disease or traumatic injury which has affected a specific part of your body? The solution to fix all the above said problems is to avail reconstructive surgery treatments.

Reconstructive surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that aims to correct the birth defects and the body parts that get affected because of a traumatic injury, an accident or a fatal disease, like, breast cancer.

Reconstructive Surgery Purposes

There are different types of reconstructive surgeries, and each type serves different purposes. The procedures can fix the birth defects so that the patients can possess a flawless appearance. Apart from these, the surgeries often aim to improve the functionality of certain body parts. So, this is how it can be stated that reconstructive surgeries can serve different purposes in different ways.

Different Types of Reconstructive Surgeries

There are different types of injuries, disfigurement issues and birth defects arise in your life. To fix all these issues, you need different treatments. Some of the common types of reconstructive plastic surgery treatments are discussed below. If you are keen to know about this matter, you may have a close look at the below section now.

  • Breast Reconstruction

The women, who are diagnosed with breast cancer, often have to undergo a mastectomy. This is a treatment in which the doctor removes the entire boob of the patient so that she gets rid of the fatal disease. Breast reconstruction surgery can reshape the breast of the patients after mastectomy. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon inserts saline or silicone breast implants to reshape the size and shape of the boobs.

  • Wound Care

This is for them, who have been severely cut or burned, skin grafts or for other similar issues. The surgeon can fix all these issues in the best possible ways.

  • Surgeries For Hands And Feet

Are you affected by any illnesses, along with, tumors (non-cancerous or cancerous)? Are you facing problems, because of having webbed or extra fingers or toes? If all these happen to you, then you should opt for reconstructive surgery treatments. The patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are also suitable for the said treatment.

  • Facial Surgeries

This is the surgical procedure that can make a correction of the facial defects, like, cleft lips, chronic infection or breathing problems, such as, snoring and more issues which can affect the sinuses. If you come across all the said issues, then you may consult a proficient and experienced plastic surgeon who can provide you with the advanced treatments and the best solutions.

Choose the plastic surgeon wisely, so that you can get the best treatment. While choosing the surgeon, you may consider the following points, highly trained, professional, advanced treatments, rapid recovery, excellent track record and more. All these points will certainly help you to select the best one. For more information, you may surf the internet or take the help of the experts who have a wide knowledge of this subject.

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