Although you are currently struggling with an alcohol addiction, you’ve taken an important journey toward the future. You’ve recognized that an issue exists, and you’re seeking assistance. While moving forward with your journey toward freedom from addiction may seem difficult now, following some tips can help you to move in the right direction.

Evaluate Your Stimuli

Working to assess what leads you to abuse alcohol can help you to reduce or eliminate your exposure to these situations. For example, if you find yourself constantly drinking around a certain group of friends, you must then consider if spending time with these individuals is the best decision.

People who encourage you to drink when they know you are struggling with alcoholism are not friends. On the other hand, you may suspect that your drinking is connected to a mental illness with which you have been diagnosed. In any case, seeking professional assistance is advisable to learn methods for avoiding your triggers.

Turn to Technology

Alcohol addiction comes with a series of consequences for your body, and it also can lead you to engage in risky behaviors, such as driving when you are intoxicated. Installing an advanced breathalyzer can help you to avoid this potentially deadly behavior.

Technological updates have made it difficult to impossible to get around the breathalyzer. For example, you cannot just have a friend blow into the breathalyzer for you when you secure a device that uses facial recognition to validate the identity of the individual. Read up on soberlink reviews and other information online to decide if tech like this would be helpful for you.

Seek Addiction Rehab

Expressing your struggles to another person is a challenge, but doing so is often necessary to fully recover. Professional assistance can pave the way for a plan customized to your needs. A rehab program allows you to have guidance for your specific struggles with alcohol and can incorporate numerous elements. Look for a program that takes you through the process starting with detox and ending with continued assistance after your time at the treatment facility.

Consider Inpatient Rehab

While leaving your home and your responsibilities behind might seem jarring, consider how doing so can be the right decision for the long term. Taking the time to focus purely on yourself and to escape the temptations and worries of your daily life can make a huge difference on your path to freedom from addiction. With an inpatient program, you will leave at the treatment facility for a period of time. You will engage in a variety of treatment activities, and you also have a chance to form strong bonds with other people dealing with addiction. Knowing that you are not alone on this journey is key.

Pursue Healthy Activites

Whether you are just researching rehab programs or you have finished your stay at a treatment facility, you may find that idle time is your greatest challenge. When you are bored or have too much free time, you may start to think about your old habits and feel tempted to participate in them once again.

Exploring healthy activities can provide you with a distraction. For example, you may have a talent in painting or baking that you left long behind. Consider picking up that craft again. You may also decide to pursue an athletic activity or sign up for a gym membership so that you can better your physical and emotional health at the same time. When you’re feeling tempted to start drinking, engage in one of these activities instead.

When you recognize that you have an addiction to alcohol, you likely have a great deal of emotions running through your being. Understand that you can make a change. You have the power within to live a better life and to rid yourself of this issue.

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Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.