Anyone who is going through recovery for addiction to alcohol, drugs or any other addiction, faces a lot of challenges. There are many emotions that are felt during the process and it is a difficult time for the person in recovery and for the family. The person needs to face the problems that they have, and realize the need to get help. Overcoming the feelings of hopelessness and shame can be difficult.

How do you help someone who is in recovery or make it easier for yourself in recovery? There are many treatment programs that now offer natural healing remedies such as Yoga. This can help to increase the awakening of the mind, the strengthening of the body and the rejuvenation that a person needs to start fresh. Yoga can help create the flexibility that you need to get through the challenges of recovery and help to create a better path.

There are many negative emotions that a person feels while in recovery, and finding something to feel good about and to focus on can create positive emotions that some people have not felt in quite some time. There are a lot of great options for treatment programs, and those that offer Yoga can see the difference that it can provide for the facility and for the people in recovery. If you need to enter a recovery program, there are many that offer programs and you can also find the ShareHouse that offers yoga and acupuncture.

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Kristi Abbott is owner of BodySava. BodySava is designed to teach Yoga in recovery programs and provides reflexology sessions. BodySava also focuses on yoga for the elderly.