The recruitment strategy should focus on attracting those with the right attitude, not just current ability.
As a Professional Motivational speaker, now and again, I am asked to help in the recruiting of key staff. An applicant with a positive attitude and happy disposition is for me the right recruit.
A review of 225 relevant studies in Psychological Bulletin, published by the American Psychological Association, found that it's actually happiness that makes you succeed and not the other way around.
The review found that happy people are more likely to attempt new challenges and to push themselves to strive for fresh goals. They are also more likely to be liked by their peers, and thus recruited to better jobs and promoted to higher positions.
"Our review provides strong support that happiness, in many cases, leads to successful outcomes, rather than merely following from them," said one of the report's authors.
“Happy individuals are more likely than their less happy peers to have fulfilling marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, robust health and even a long life."
Furthermore, brain researchers have found that activity in your prefrontal cortices — located behind your forehead - signifies idea generation and lively thought. Sadness decreases prefrontal cortical activity, while happiness increases it. If you tease that out, it means that happy people are more likely to have good ideas and think quickly, which often leads to success, and thus to increased wealth.
More proof of the positive effect of happiness comes from research from the University of Michigan in 2005: experiencing positive emotions on an ongoing basis helps you see the big picture.
"Negative emotions create a tunnel vision," said U-M psychology researcher Kareem Johnson. "Negative emotions like fear or anger are useful for short-term survival when there's an immediate danger like being chased by a dangerous animal. Positive emotions like joy and happiness are for long-term survival and promote big picture thinking, make you more inclusive and notice more details, make you think in terms of 'us' instead of 'them.'"
Furthermore, a person with the right attitude has the critical ability to attract teachers, circumstances and events to help them achieve any goals. They are also more authentic – the essential currency in the new business world.
Give me someone who would love to work with the company and has the right attitude – I will recruit on the spot regardless of current ability.
Many top companies understand this:
"We hire for attitude. We want people who like other people and are therefore motivated to serve them. Competence we can teach. Attitude is engrained." Isadore Sharp, Founder and CEO of the Four Seasons group speaking at the 2006 Great Place to Work Conference.
As someone who in my role as a Professional Motivational Speaker has researched the area of motivation for the past two decades, I am a strong advocate of hiring for attitude as is the ethos of many top companies for example Low cost carrier, South West Airlines’ their philosophy is, ‘We hire for attitude. We train for skill.’

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Kevin is a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed professional keynote speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, customer service, creativity, human achievement and motivation. He is also the creator of a new business concept, "Xceptionalize", derived from two words, “Exceptional Execution”, which inspires companies and individuals to focus upon "exceptional execution of their duties."

Raised into a small family-owned retail business, Kevin has been selling and negotiating from a very young age. Upon graduating University College Galway with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he entered the demanding world of enterprise sales, superseding sales records in each of the companies for which he worked in the construction and manufacturing industry.

Over the past two decades, Kevin has delivered conference and company keynotes throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, North and South America for Fortune 500 companies, educational, not-for-profit organisations and such prestigious associations as The Million Dollar Round Table. His experience spans Consumer Retail, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Technology sectors.

Kevin is an inspired leadership speaker who “walks the path” practicing his own philosophies. Whether it is from having challenged himself to author a best-seller book; to going from high income to low income and back again once he decided to follow his passion; to breaking corporate sales records; to developing an international personal brand, Kevin knows what it takes to bring ideas and strategies alive.

Through his professional speaking platform, Kevin’s driving passion is to share his real-world experiences and ideas. Appreciating that we live and work in an attention deficit society, his on-stage delivery style encourages active audience engagement through a mix of fast-paced interaction, sharing anecdotal life stories and cutting-edge human achievement and excellence research.