Banking sector is the fastest growing field and also the most sought after career choice. Many students are inclining towards banking as a career choice due to the exciting additional packages it has to offer. Also, in this unpredictable world where one can lose a job in an instance, banks provide steady jobs with a secure position. Two most popular posts offered by banks are bank po and bank clerk. These two posts are high in demand due to the power and prestige that they tag along with them. IBPS, Institute of Banking Personnel is the recruiter of public sector banks. It has conducted much successful recruitment and in 2011, it is offering a new way to recruit individuals. It is a large scale recruitment for 19 public sector banks of India, and a common exam will be conducted for this recruitment; known as common written exam (CWE).
Bank PO:
One of the highest in demand post offered by the banking sector.
A Bank PO can be asked to handle various functions such as billing, working in forex section etc. After the completion of the probationary period the actual work is handed over based on the performance in the 2 years of probation.
Bank PO does not specialize in any field; they handle general functions of the bank. These functions can range from planning to marketing, processing a loan, investment related work etc.
The post of branch manager is also handled by bank po based on his/her performance.
IBPS, for the first time will be conducting common written exam in 2011. This exam will recruit individuals for the bank po post and other clerical posts.
Bank Clerk:
Bank clerks manage all the records of the bank. They are behind the scene players, who manage most of the work.
They deal with loan related issues, which are very important and need to be dealt with care. They monitor the status of outstanding loans and also make sure that all the parties receive loan information.
Many financial transactions of the respective bank with any other bank or institution require signatures of the clerk ; hence cannot be passed without their knowledge.
They also deal with customers, acquainting them with the bank rules, helping them open an account and also prepare their monthly balance sheet. The sheet involves all the transactions made by the customer during the month.
Thus, the work of both bank clerk and Bank PO is very essential. It is very clear, that a bank cannot function properly without their support. This means, high status and respect is attached to their position which can be yours if you work hard and clear the respective exams. The CWE in 2011 can be a chance for you to show your zeal and commitment towards achieving your goal.

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