Recruitment agencies around Johannesburg find work and make it for themselves. Affectionately known to its inhabitants as Jozi the city was founded on gold. The land that is now a city was originally a ridge of lonely hills. They were sparsely populated because the winters are cold on the high veld and there were few sheltering trees. The hunter gatherers who wandered past streams of white water were blissfully unaware of the untold treasures beneath their feet.

When fortune seekers found gold beneath the hills they started an avalanche of energetic people, rolling in from across the world to form a wave of energy and enterprise. They came looking for opportunities. In many cases they made them if they could not find them. An entrepreneurial spirit seems to be quickly infused into the people and the way they live and speak in Jozi.

In social terms the gold mines were like magnets, drawing fortunes hunters from around the world. Ships, trains and planes have been transporting people into the metropolis for hundreds of years. Many of them arrive in search of the employment that will enable them to send money home. The energy that they bring with them drives the spirit of the place.

Most of the great mines that were once the deepest and most lucrative in the world are now empty. Their head gear is being dismantled and sold as junk and the golden dumps that were once waste now yield very few grammes per ton as they are re-cycled as waste. Despite this the city rumbles above the empty tunnels carried forward by its own momentum.

This city is literally founded on gold. There is no great water way, no sea port link between two countries to explain its existence. It sprawls on high veld like a heart pumping life giving enterprise into the economy of the country. If the heart fails the economy of the country will be in trouble. That is why employment is such a vital element in sustaining the city and the country that it feeds.

The city and its people form a hub around which the economy of the country revolves. Their initiative spills out from the center into surrounding territories. Banks, insurance companies, green industries and software companies are headquartered in Joburg with tentacles reaching out to touch the remotest corners of the country. The solid network of roads and rails is supplemented now by a much more intricate network of electronic communication channels.

In general it has at last dawned on economists that the richness of a culture is more important for economic growth than science and technology are. People who enjoy sport, like art and understand the need for environmental protection created demands. Technology seeks way to satisfy demand and so economies thrive.

Recruitment agencies around Johannesburg once sought miners to dig with spades and picks but now they search for more sophisticated and skilled people to serve an economy that has advanced far beyond mining. The wealth generated by gold has been used to build mansions and establish art galleries, theaters and advanced facilities. All these constructions are part of a self-sustaining economy. That needs a constant supply of sophisticated workers in many new economic initiatives.

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