Civil services exams offer a wide variety of job opportunities. However, the post of Indian Administrative Officer is the best that they have to offer. It is a high profile job that not only offers a good income but also exciting additional perks. An IAS officer is treated with much respect and honor and also given the major responsibility to manage the bureaucracy. UPSC conducts exams for IAS exams which are divided in two stages, IAS mains and IAS prelims (also called CSAT). After clearing both the exams, one is confronted with the more challenging interview session. Only after clearing all the three stages, you are finally recruited for the post.
IAS is a post which requires much hard work. If one aims to work towards the betterment of the society, he/she can become an IAS officer and bring about a big change in the society. The two stages cover wide range of syllabus.
IAS Prelims (CSAT)
The Government of India has made a recent change to the civil services examinations for the post of IAS in the Preliminary exam (prelims). The optional subject has been replaced by CSAT. CSAT stands for civil service aptitude test, which aims at testing the accuracy and the speed while answering questions.
There are two compulsory papers of 200 marks each. The duration is for two hours. It includes topics such as, General Issues On Environmental Ecology, General Science, Indian Politics and Governance, Economic and Social Development etc.
You have to clear the IAS prelims in order to reach the mains exam session.
IAS Mains
It consists of two optional papers and one general paper for 300 marks each.
It also has a section for essays which carries 200 marks.
Other than this, there are two language papers, one in Indian Language and the other one in general English on class 10. This checks the candidate’s fluency in his/her mother tongue and English language. These papers do not carry marks; however it is necessary to clear them.
There is also an optional paper which covers a wide area of subjects like Mechanical Engineering, Medical Science, Maths and Statistics, Commerce and Management etc.

Thus, these two exams follow the interview session. There is one thing common in all the exams; it is the Current affairs questions. These questions are asked in all the IAS prelims, IAS mains, interview, and whole significant value. Once you clear all the stages, a strict training schedule is given to you which finally lead to the recruitment.

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