Common Written Exam (CWE) is a new introduction in the recruitment procedure in the banking sector. This exam will be conducted for the first time in 2011, for the recruitment of Bank PO exams. This new strategy of conducting exams on such a large platform will be conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS), the largest recruiter for banks in India. It is a recent endeavour to elevate the standard of recruitment in the banking sector. This new pattern of conducting exam would take up less time and ensure entry of much more qualified being for various posts in the bank.

Bank recruitment has always been a hectic procedure. Many banks also recruit individuals in a hurry in order to fill the urgent vacancy that arrives in the banks. Bank is an institution which ensures the security of our money. Every bank related information is kept confidential and important. Therefore, it is very important to recruit the right individual, because the bank personnel’s symbolize the status and respect of the bank. Therefore, the banks have to be very cautious while recruiting individuals. Thus, IBPS came up with a very innovative strategy to conduct exams. 19 public sector banks are involved in this exam. CWE will be a massive platform for recruitment for the post of bank probationary officer. The exam will be designed by a set up highly trained professionals who plan to set up a high standard question paper. They also plan to include large number of current affair questions. This would ensure the entry of an all-rounder, and not somebody who is well aware merely in textual knowledge. The individual would require to be well versed with the banking rules and basic information about banks. Thus, the candidates who will be chosen would be given score cards. These score cards would act like entry tickets to the 10 participatory banks. In case, any vacancy arises in any of these 19 public sector banks, the candidates can present their score card and reach the interview stage. This would filter down the number of candidates and make it easier for the banks to choose from, which would lead to a better quality in recruitment.

Through these recent endeavours, IBPS has proved to be the largest and the best recruiter of the banking sector. The CWE will be commenced in 2011 for the post of Bank PO. However, if this succeeds, recruitment for other posts would also adopt to the same procedure.

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