As well all know, our lives have become dependent on banks to manage our monetary security. Banks not only secure our money but also provide us with loans to fulfill our dreams like building a home, or education loan for our child etc. There are also various insurance policies that secure the future of our loved ones. Due to modern technology, bank services have become computerized. ATMs have been a blessing for the people as it allows quick access to cash. Due to the growing importance of banks, the banking sector has faced immense growth and is one of the leading career options in not only India but the entire world. A bank job means a secure future and a healthy income. Today, there is a bank branch in every corner. However, this has also lead to a great need for efficient bank personnel in the various branches. These personnel are recruited by conducting bank exams. Bank exam question papers are very challenging, and ensure entry of the best candidates.
Banking sector is growing at a fast pace. What earlier was a body to keep money safe, today, dominates our lives. Rich or poor, male or female, adult or old, everybody is connected to the bank. They show their trust in the bank they are connected to and for this reason, it is very essential to choose the right candidates for the banks. These candidates should not only have textual knowledge but should also have a high general awareness level and good communication skills.

They should be aware of the banking rules and regulations and be loyal individuals. These qualities are tested in the bank exams and interviews. The selection rate adopted by banks is very low and the recruitment procedure is very tough. The Bank exam question papers cover a large portion of general knowledge questions, to test the awareness level of the candidate. Once, the exam is cleared, the interview session is equally challenging. Highly trained professionals are the evaluators in this round, and question the candidate on current affairs, their personal skills and interests, test their logical skills etc.

There is a new strategy introduced in the recruitment process. IBPS, one of the largest recruiters of the banking sector has introduced the CWE in 2011. This exam is conducted to appoint individuals for clerical posts and post of Bank PO. This will be a common exam which will recruit candidates for 19 public sector banks.

Thus, banking sector is a highly coveted career choice, but only a few dedicated individuals are recruited for the post of their choice. Candidates appear in strength of thousands, for the exam, and only a few are selected. However, those who are selected have secured their career for a lifetime.

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