Bank PO and Bank Clerk are the two most coveted jobs offered by the banking sector of India. Students crave to become a part of these posts as they ensure a safe and secure life. The exciting perks involved with these posts are highly tempting. However, it is very tough to clear the exam. This year in 2011, a new type of exam has been introduced by IBPS for recruitment into the posts of Bank Clerks and Bank PO; this exam will be a common exam which would ensure entry of the most capable candidate for the post.

Bank PO:
Bank probationary officer is just one step lower to bank manager. They carry out all the major functions in a bank.
The promotional aspects in the post of bank po are quite high. Solely based on your performance and work you are given higher posts.
Bank po exam is very tough which requires lot of hard work and dedication. The syllabus involved is vast.
Current affairs are an important criterion undertaken to recruit individuals for the post of bank po. After recruitment, the candidate has to serve probation period.
Bank po is asked to do anything like posting, scrolling, stamping, etc till the completion of the 2 year probation period.
After completing the probation period they are given the proper work based on their performance in the probation period.
Bank Clerk:
The main work of bank clerks is to keep records and maintain confidential information.
They are spread all over the bank, performing various functions which are vital for the proper functioning of the bank.
There are clerks who also assist the customers into opening new accounts in the bank and directing them towards bank policies.
Bank clerks also take care of loans taken from banks, scrolls, insurance papers, security information etc.
A bank clerk needs to have good communication skills, logical abilities, computer fluency, neatness, orderly behavior etc.
Thousands of candidates apply every year for various clerical posts. However due to a tough syllabus and tougher exams, only the most dedicated and skills ones get the job.
This year in 2011, IBPS will be conducting CWE for recruitment into clerical and Bank PO posts.

Thus, post of Bank Clerk and Bank PO are equally important in a bank. They both handle different departments and a bank cannot function properly without effective contribution from either of them. In 2011, due to the CWE, a large number of candidates will be eligible to apply directly for the interview if any vacancy arises. Thus, one should start preparing now, as due to larger recruitment, the competition will be double and much difficult.

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