Any organization’s success depends on its people who work for it day and night. Hiring right person at the right place is a big job for an organization. Here comes the need for an efficient recruitment professional that can discover a potential employee in a job applicant. When a wrong person is selected for any position, it costs heavily to the company in terms of money, time and employee morale. To curb the hiring of an inappropriate candidate, an efficient recruiter is required who can source a person with the right mix of knowledge, skill and experience for any vacant position.
Though we cannot zero on any hiring methods as success mantras, we can definitely follow some simple guidelines to recruit that perfect person.
Job Description
To get right applications for a job, it is very useful to do a job posting that gives an accurate description of the job. When a recruiter gives a proper description of the job, half of the recruitment procedure is taken care of because, only people who have the required skill set mentioned in the job posting will apply which reduces the precious time of the recruitment team in screening the applications and taking interviews.
Involve current talent pool:
It is always a good option to look out for people in your own organization who can take up a new role and challenges as this would be a win-win situation for both the recruiter and the employee. The recruiter need not go through a number of applications and screening procedures to find a perfect fit. The employee gets a new profile which boosts his morale as he is deemed fit to take up new challenges and additional responsibilities and works with greater enthusiasm.
In-house references:
Another way recruitment can be made easy is taking the references from existing employees. Existing employees would know what the organization requires and would be surely able to help in scouting the best talent from their acquaintances.
Approach towards employees:
When existing employees of a company are satisfied with their work, entitlements and work culture, it guarantees a good number of applications for a new job posting. This is so because, the employees are the best brand ambassadors of the company and they always give a good opinion on the company to outsiders, which helps in increasing the reputation of the company and creating an excitement in people to want to work for the company. Being a part of the human resource department it is the responsibility of recruitment professional to ensure that the existing employees are content with their jobs.
When in-house talent and the references cannot fill the vacant position, services of a recruitment agency can be sought. A recruitment agency has the resources and manpower to hunt for the right talent with in time constraints. Accuprosys is one such agency in Hyderabad which does not only provide recruitment services but also provides other human resource services like payroll management , training and development, performance management, HR statutory compliances etc.

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