Recruitment as bank clerk is a great achievement in life. Bank clerk exams are considered to be quite tough, and it is a thing to be proud, if you clear the exam and the interview and get recruited in an esteemed bank in India. Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is an organization which has undertaken the task of recruiting deserving candidates for the various posts in banks. Its recent efforts have been to conduct the CWE, which is a common exam for recruitment of clerical posts in 19 public sector banks.
The job of a bank clerk is very important to a bank. They work behind the scenes, but carry out all the major functions in a bank. Bank clerks are divided into various sections, which take care of different necessities of the customers. Bank clerks are divided into branches such as:
New Account clerks: deal with opening new bank accounts and also closing bank accounts.
Loan clerks: they provide information about various loan plans available in the bank and also sort out loan associated problems.
Statement clerks: They deal with preparing the monthly balance sheet of the exisitng customers.
Interest clerks: Take care of the interests owed to the banks.
Exchange clerks: they work on international accounts, translate foreign currency etc.
Security clerks: deal with maintain records and keeping track of dividends and stock bonds.
There are ample amount of opportunities for bank clerks. They have lot of responsibilities to be undertaken. IBPS has provided an opportunity for all those candidates who aspire to be clerks and take part in the above described activities of the bank. CWE would give a larger platform for recruitment into these posts in the 19 esteemed public sector banks of India. The candidates who score well in this exam will gain direct entry to the banks involved by presenting their score card during a vacancy. However, this exam will also increase the competitive edge, since a larger strength of candidates would be involved. Also, IBPS has a team of highly trained professionals, so the selection process will not be lenient and would not compromise on the quality.

Bank recruitment is a long procedure. IBPS through its innovative strategies has presented the CWE which is less time consuming and would present more accurate results, in terms of both quality and quantity of the candidates. It would build up a strong team of clerks who would undertake the major functions of these banks with

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