Even if you do not use any of your electronic goods, don’t throw it away in the dustbins. There are specific guidelines that you should follow before discarding any unused electronics, primarily because they contain toxins. Whether still usable or a complete junk, electronic items contain tons of toxins that can severely harm the environment if they form landfills.

Furthermore, throwing away even a broken device is equivalent to throwing away money. You can sell them at best scrap copper prices in Sydney, exchange them online or at your local store, or at least donate them for a cause.

Three Best Recycling Options for Outdated Electronics

1. Trade them Off for Cash

There are many retailers – both local and online who deal with old electronic goods. They pay you sufficient cash, depending on the extent of the damage. They take anything from obsolete video games to smartphones, to your kitchen appliances.

Electronic goods contain valuable parts; so, these dealers either use them in other products or them for recycling and manufacturing of other goods.

If you are tech-savvy and have a way out with electronic goods, you can dismantle the electrical appliances yourself and sell the parts individually. But, for doing this, you need to be very cautious and make sure that you do not cause any harm to yourself or others near you.

The price of used items predominantly depends on their condition, age, and the current market demand and rate, but it is generally worth exploring the market.

2. Exchange Them with New Products

Most of the online retailers like Amazon, Gazelle, Declutter, eBay, etc. offer buy-back or exchange options.
So, the next time, before you purchase a new electronic gadget for your home, check your storeroom for the unused ones. Test them and put their details on the websites which know the worth of these items. Mostly the process is pretty straightforward – just make sure that you do not miss out on any of the details. You can either opt for the buy-back options to get cash, or you can exchange the old electricals for new gadgets. With the second option, you may not earn direct money, but you will surely manage to save a substantial amount on the latest product that you purchase.

During discount seasons, you can earn up to 50% rebate by exchanging your old products – which is not at all a bad amount! Wondering why the companies are offering so many benefits. It's simple – they are encouraging resale because they want you to reduce landfills and recycle the usable parts. Let's take the example of a smartphone. We stop using it if the screen breaks or the camera stops performing for some reason. What about the battery? If that is working fine, it can easily be reused!

3. Donate Unused Products

Unlike the above two options, this option will not earn you cash. But, it will surely make you a better human being and earn you loads of blessings.

In spite of being in usable condition, we, at times, tend to get tired of our phones and laptops very quickly. In case you have no intention of earning cash out of such unused but usable electronic goods, why not donate them? An item that might seem obsolete to you may have a lot of value to others, particularly organizations that work towards the benefit of the society.

There are schools, NGOs, churches, and other organizations that are always in need of desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. They use these products to educated kids who cannot afford to own any of these. Some of the women organizations use old phones to protect women from domestic violence.

There's always some way in which you can help society, and donating your old electronics is one of them. By donating, you are not only helping others but also protecting nature. While throwing away electronics causes harm to the environment, the manufacturing process is also pretty harmful – so recycling is always an excellent option, and each of us should imbibe it in our kids from a very young age.

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