With growing concerns among the people across the globe for sustenance of ecological balance and prevention of environmental pollutions, recycling technique has now assumed a premier position in the agenda of scientists all over the world. Especially important is waste management that includes collection, processing, transportation, and recycling of the waste products.

Recycling Technique Features

Recycling technique features can be summed up as follows.
It refers to materials produced by human activities.
Recycling process is resorted to reduce the effects on health, environment, and aesthetics.
One of the objectives of waste management is recovering resources from the waste materials.
Recycling can involve all three states of the objects involved; solid, liquid, and gaseous.
Difference methods are adopted for each state and the technical expertise also varies widely.

Difference in Developed and Developing Countries

Methods of recycling used in developed countries vary from those in the developing countries.
It also varies in urban as well as rural areas.
Another major area of difference is the industrial and residential products.
Processes adopted vary for hazardous and non hazardous waste management.

Usually the management of waste materials and recycling is the responsibility of local authorities like the municipal administration but management of hazardous materials is the responsibility of higher authorities in State and Federal levels.

Use of Recyclable Materials In Construction

One of the major areas that result in lot of hazards for environment is the construction industry. In the past lot of trees were felled resulting in depletion of forests and consequential imbalance in ecological balance around human society. Of late however there has been growing trend in the industry using recyclable materials like engineered wood, laminated products, and such others that are completely recyclable. Thus the threat to environment is also substantially reduced.

Integrated Waste Management Process

Integrated waste management is the process that is developed using the life cycle analysis or LCA. Experts have revealed after prolonged studies that waste administration, source separation, as well as collection that should be followed with reuse and recycling of non-organic fractions as well as production of energy and compost fertilizers, should be the favored method.

Recycling techniques are used to preserve and conserve energy and building up a green world doing away with most of the hazards of industrial and other pollutions that are huge in the modern world.

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