Sunglasses can come and go depending on your need. If you follow the latest trends of sunglasses you probably have collected a whole box of them. What can you do with your outdated sunglasses and glasses? Well, you can donate and have these recycled for others to use.

There are about 150 million people who have eye problems according to the World Health Organization. Many people from underdeveloped countries cannot afford to buy prescription glasses due to financial problems. Their countries are so poor they lack the resources to provide glasses for those who need them.

In many modern countries sunglasses are just common, they come cheap and many users change them according to their life style. These sunglasses come in different styles, colors, shapes and brands so users have varied choices when buying them. Sunglasses are considered as accessories and are also used for eye protection against harsh weather conditions. You can easily purchase them everywhere. You can match your wardrobe with the color of your lenses and frames. Wearing unique sunglasses could be your fashion statement and that could set you apart from the rest.

Instead of throwing away your glasses and sunglasses why not give them to a non-profit organization like the Lions Club or to some Eye Recycling Centers? These organizations have contacts with the World Health Organization so they can help distribute these glasses to countries that need them.

Your glasses and sunglasses would be sorted out. The prescriptive and reading glasses are cleaned and allocated to those in need in different parts of the world. The non-prescription glasses and sunglasses would also be sorted and cleaned. They would be used to place corrective eye vision where ophthalmologists and eye doctors who volunteered their services to this cause could properly make them for those people in developing countries worldwide.

People who are in need of prescription glasses (sol briller styrke in Danish) but cannot afford them can surely use yours if you decide to donate them. You probably change prescriptive glasses every three years or so. You have the option to use the same frame and just have the lenses changed according to your eye vision needs. But now that you are aware that there is such a huge need for prescription glasses then it would not hurt if you donate one of yours to any glasses recycling center. You would be assured that your glasses would be donated to those who need them most.

Imagine millions of people who are in need of prescription glasses and imagine the costs that would take to make one pair for each person. Many organizations rely on contributions and donations in cash and kinds. You can do your share by donating a pair of glasses for a good cause. Your glasses could go a long way- they would provide clear eyesight for someone out there, and knowing this would give you a good feeling that you were able to help in your own little way.

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Aside from being really interested in psychology, I am a green activist and take participation in ecological events and fight for such causes.