Red Coral Gemstone- a magical stone of Auspicious Planet ‘Mars’ which is found in deep Sea. As per Vedic Astrologer Mars is the Planet of energy, physical strength, vitality, blood circulation and ambition. Accordingly, Red Coral Gemstone is worn to boost up the energy of Mars in your horoscope. Organic Red Coral Gemstone is also very helpful to protect the wearer from evil spirits and enemies. It should wear in right hand finger for good astrological effects. Make sure, Red Coral gemstone can wear with gold or copper ring to ensure the advantages of this gem.

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits: According to Vedic Astrology, Red coral Gem provides lots of benefits to the wearer. This auspicious gemstone helps to increases self-confidence, curing blood related diseases, vitality protect you from your enemies, evil spirit, boost up your physical strength, enhance mental strength and ambition in your life. Apart from all these advantages, the most important benefit is that if a person is under Mangal Dosh or Mangal Dasha should wear red coral gemstone to overcome weak Mangal Dasha.

Health Benefits of Red Coral or Moonga Stone: One of the best advantages of Red Coral Gemstone or lal moonga gemstone is the powerful healing properties which helps in curing many severe diseases i.e. blood related diseases, mental diseases and bone marrow. Red coral or moonga gemstone also ensures the strength of bone and wearing this stone merging with some other stone can help in curing serious diseases like cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, etc.

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The author wants to do some briefings about the most auspicious stone known as Red Coral Gemstone OR Lal Moonga Gemstone. And also describes benefits according to expert astrologer in Noida and Vedic Astrology.