Is there anything that embodies all that is feminine and sexy in women than red heels do? There probably isn’t another color that garners as much reaction from people as red does. It is linked with excitement and danger and is commonly used to express rage, anger, love, virility and passion. It is the color that makes an already alluring footwear to new heights. If you’re looking for a means to garner attention or raise the temperature, not many on the market can pull it off but a gorgeous pair of red heels is certainly a candidate. So the question is, what is shade is your poison? The range includes everything from electric red, cherry red down to the more manageable dark reds as well as blood reds.

Whatever your choice, red is the color that has such strong overtones that it can actually overwhelm the outfit. For that reason, you will have to match very carefully and they aren’t particularly great at highlighting clothing and accessories due to its overpowering nature. Some will use equally strong colors while others stay on the safe side with darker hues. The type of shoe chosen will also have an impact on the message it sends to viewers.

With such strong and bold colors, matching them with equally bold footwear makes for an explosive mix. For that reason, my pick for the best match are stiletto court shoes. It combines the scintillating allure that only high heeled stiletto’s can give with the simple and purely feminine nature of the court shoe. Court shoes are very straightforward in design without any need for buckles or straps (most of the time). Low cut and plain in design, not other shoe does so much with so little. Stiletto’s may make it a bit more difficult to walk in but sacrificing comfort in the name of fashion is necessary if you want the best combination on the market.

Regular high heels are certainly close to stiletto varieties. The only difference between the two is the design you prefer along with the heel type. Basic high heels are by far some of the more popular forms of women’s shoes for sale today. With varying heel height, you can have anything from sexy four inch heels all the way down to 2.5 inch or less kitten heel heights. Interestingly, kitten heels are actually low stiletto heels. It’s a great and safe combination to choose.

Outside of basic heeled footwear, you can go for wedges. Wedges are shoes that are constructed from a single sole. The entire sole is usually made from some type of cork based material. Because it distributes weight across the entire foot, long walks in them are not as bad compared to regular heels. So if you’re looking for a combination that hardly compromises style and comfort, wedge shoes may be the way to go. Overall, it takes a certain type of personality to pull of bright reds in general. You must be brash, bold and confident if you really want to make it work.

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