Having a red skin condition is very common among adults. The constant facial redness can be very embarrassing and can get in the way of nights out or dates. But, it is hard to find a specific treatment that can inexpensively help with facial redness. Online remedies range from possibly effective to completely absurd to outrageously overpriced. The key to knowing how to treat your facial redness is to fully understand what causes the redness and what can be done to treat those specific causes.

What Causes the Redness?

Perhaps the root of much of the confusion surrounding facial redness is that there is actually no one cause for it. There are certain chronic conditions that result in facial redness, while sometimes the redness is the result of everyday activities. One important thing to remember about facial redness is that people who are prone to redness generally have overly sensitive skin. When your skin is sensitive, you have to treat it more carefully than you might have otherwise. Sensitive skin can have negative reactions to a number of things resulting in a red face.

Things to Avoid

Making an effort to avoid certain things that are bad for your skin, especially sensitive skin, can make a huge difference in the appearance of facial redness. Different things effect different people’s skin in different ways so you can try avoiding different things and see what actually helps you with facial redness.

Artificial Facial Products: Artificial facial products can be very damaging to your skin. Many artificial products are stuffed with substances and harsh chemicals that break down your skin in the long term. And, if you do have sensitive skin that reacts badly to any specific ingredient, it can be difficult or impossible to figure out exactly which ingredient is causing the negative reaction. Instead, try natural products like essential oils to keep your skin both clear and healthy.

Hot Foods: Certain types of food and drinks can cause flares of redness on the skin. One huge culprit of this is spicy foods. Another thing to avoid is alcohol, as alcohol can make the skin very red.

Easy Remedies

You don’t have to drain your wallet to treat your facial redness. You can make many of the remedies with products from your own house, or buy them inexpensively from drug stores. Below are some of the easiest and cheapest remedies that you can try out for yourself.

Caffeine Rinse: Caffeine increases circulation in the skin to clear away unwanted facial redness. Make your own caffeine rinse by cooling a pot of strong coffee or buy a cream that uses caffeine or coffee as a main ingredient.

Tea Compress: Tea, especially green tea, helps to soothe the skin and decrease inflammation. Make a tea compress by soaking a washcloth in cooled green tea and placing it over your face for 20 minutes.

Buy Anti Redness Cream: Whether your skin redness is caused by anxiety, emotions, weather, diet or other factors, Pensida anti redness cream brings you a solution that can reduce redness and help you to go out with confidence knowing your flare ups are under control.

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