Helen’s process of revelation began the day she recognized that everything around her had a sense of lack attached to it. Her car was old and wouldn’t start in the mornings. The washing machine was temperamental. There were always more bills than cash every month.
She never had quite enough of anything. When she started to examine the details of her life she immediately noticed a pattern and a consistency. Scarcity had been her constant companion in every aspect and through every experience of her adult life. Once she could see how she had limited her expectations and readily accepted second best she was faced with a choice: stick with the familiar, but restricted self she was living through or open up to the truth of her true nature of success and abundance.
That same choice is available to everyone.
We have all developed patterns of limitation but we can make the choice to change in an instant. Sometimes the results of this choice for change will be apparent very quickly and sometimes nothing seems to be happening. The key is to be patient – with our selves and with the process - at all times.
In the process of self-discovery and of bringing your being to a better state there are always going to be places where we temporarily seem to fail, there are always going to be places where we find errors in our thinking or behavior or where life seems to hinder us at every turn.
As we go through the state of revelation we learn to correct these errors and we gradually stop making the same mistakes and having to learn the same lesson. There will still be uncooperative colleagues or temperamental washing machines or difficult neighbors or financial issues to deal with, but our sense of self is no longer attached to these challenges. The opportunity for self greatness becomes far more underlined in how we act and how we live and in the results we experience.
In many instances we find ourselves adapting to situations, almost like being different characters in a play. This gives rise to the many faces of the one person, acting out different roles in different situations, being different things for different people and so often hiding our true self.
Success is not about right or wrong. It’s all about being real.
Even if this reality shows a human vulnerability and an uncertainty it is presenting an opportunity to plug back into the person you deserve to be, which is the successful and complete You.
Sadly, we can all identify much more with what we didn’t do than with our achievements. Like Helen, we can (and do) perfect failure.
Losing contact with the truth of my self is the breeding ground where failure is conceived, where fear is born and where vulnerability grows.
My true self is never lost but is often overshadowed as I live in hope of glimpses of the happiness that some part of me knows I so truly deserve. And so, if I look at my life through the past - where I might have seen my self as a failure - I find it hard to see a future that includes a really happy and successful self. That’s just human nature but we can change that view
Change begins with awareness and awareness starts from the point of realization that we are not alone in this fragile human world. Whether you’re a king or a pauper, human nature is human nature. Everybody, at some point in their lives, suffers the same sense of inadequacy.
Everybody has frailties. This is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. It is part of being human and being human is what has us here
When we recognize that we are all starting from the same place we now begin to feel less conscious of our own worries and more open to achievement. The best and most successful of us shares the same insecurity issues as everybody else.
Success is available to everybody regardless of where we started or what happened to us along the way.
The opportunity to be all you want to be is waiting. Your belief system and your appreciation of your self is all it takes to start your journey to being the successful You. Just remember, you were born that way.
Continually remind your self that success is your right and that you really can be the person you want to be. Be prepared to choose what you want. Refuse to be sidetracked or to allow past failures to dominate your thinking and hold you trapped in a cycle of want.
Be open to change.

Author's Bio: 

Geoff Canavan -creator of The Solved System - is an Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner, Leader and Radio Show Host.
Geoff has many years’ experience in business in Ireland, Europe and the USA. He has worked with global
organizations and entrepreneurs. He has a wealth of practical knowledge and has developed a deep understanding of the nature of success.
Geoff firmly believes that, regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influence, success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by everybody and that each and every one of us is a greater and infinitely more positive force than any circumstances we can encounter.