India is a country of heritage, religions and culture. People of different culture, religions come here and get settled, and it has become the congregation of various religion. India also consist many cultures in its abode. One of the religions is Buddhist religion. India consist many stupas, viharas, temples and caves of Buddhist culture. There are many places where every day thousands of tourists gather to get some knowledge about Buddhist culture and to see the creations of Buddhists. If one is very obsessed with Buddhist culture and want to know something Buddhist pilgrimages. That person should definitely take a trip of Buddhist Tour.

In India, there are various places where Buddhist culture still exists. Places like Bodhgaya, Sanchi, Nagarjunakonda, lumbini, shravasti, Amravati, bharhut etc. Tourists can take a tour of these places to get close to Buddhist culture. Of these many Buddhist pilgrimages, some of them have significance. Bodhgaya and Lumbini are the two places which are frequently visited by the vacationers.

Bodhgaya is known for its Bodhi tree, here Buddha had achieved enlightenment. Tourists come here to see this Bodhi tree. Mahabodhi temple is also frequently visited by tourists. Lumbini is situated in the border of India and Nepal. This is the most visited place as, it is the land where Gautama Buddha born. Travelers come to these palaces and enlighten by these creations and the knowledge they seek here.

Tourists can easily take a trip of these Buddhist pilgrimages. The only thing that one has to do is to book the tickets, and it can be done online and can be done thru calling the tour package dealer. To see the pictures of these places in Google images is very easy but to search thru various tourism websites is bit tedious, because these Buddhist tourism packages are offered by only a few websites and Buddhist tour packages is one of them.

Buddhist tour provides the tourist the preeminent package. One can easily get the information from internet sitting at home and can select the package according to the preferred budget. One can easily get a fine tourism package in very nominal charges. One just has to do is search the website, select the package and just book it, there are some simple procedure, which one has go thru, once it is done, the tourist will receive a phone call from the other end for the confirmation, and leave the headache on the tourism package.

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