Attilio Guardo is an author whose love for writing began at an early age. When he was 9 years old, he wrote a 55-page novel entitled Three Ways. At 11, he then wrote a play that was performed in his backyard. As a child, Attilio Guardo knew for a fact that writing was his passion. However, his career path as an adult somehow went the other way. He graduated from college with a degree in General Business Management. After college, he became a member of the United States Army. Upon leaving the military, he then pursued a career in the accounting and management field. His passion for writing only resurfaced after many years, when his grandchildren inspired him to write children’s books.

Like Attilio Guardo, many other people also experience having to lose or set aside their passions to pursue other careers. There are several reasons behind this. For one, some people might have thought that their passions would not generate enough income, so they had to do other jobs that were more secure and practical. For others, they might have simply just lost the interest that they once had in their passions. This is common after experiencing boredom or burnout.

However, again, just like Attilio Guardo, many people also tend to rediscover and re-connect with their passions in the later years of their lives. If you are like Attilio Guardo who has a natural love for writing and who wants to relive a lost passion, then this article is for you!

Here are some tips on how to rediscover your passion and be in love with writing once again:

Find some inspirations

Every creative needs to be inspired on a regular basis. Inspirations are what keeps you going after your dreams. In reliving your lost passion for writing, the first thing that you need to do is to find a reason to write again. Write because there is an inner voice that is telling you that you can conquer the world with your words. Write because your heart flutters every time you do. Regardless of whatever reason it is, the important thing is that it makes you inspired and motivated to write again.

There are some things that you can do to help you find some inspirations and step beyond your self-doubt. These include reading or listening to your favorite authors; visiting museums and other places that inspire you; attending book events and other occasions for writers; building connections with fellow writers; and more.

Set some goals

After finding the inspirations that you need to help you write again, the next thing that you need to do is to set some goals. What do you want to do about your passion? Do you want to write a book? Do want to start a blog where you can post your daily writings? Do you want to improve your skills by attending classes or workshops? Bottomline: you need to plan on how to keep your relived passion burning.

Goals are what makes you motivated. By having some goals, you will be constantly reminded of why you choose to write in the first place. They also help you stay focused, and they keep you from giving up.

Put in the time

Passions, just like relationships, need time and attention in order to flourish. If you want to rediscover and reignite your passion for writing, then you need to put in the time to make it burning once again. As much as possible, make writing your priority.

Prioritizing your writing does not necessarily mean that you need to sit down to write every single day. You do not need to force yourself to heave words, as doing so can only lead to burnout. Nonetheless, you have to put in consistent quality time with your passion in order to keep your creativity flowing.

Explore and evolve

To keep a lasting love for writing, you have to get to know it better. This means that you need to explore the many forms, styles, and genres of writing that is available to you. Doing so can help you find your comfortable spot in the literary world. It can help you find the place where your skills or talent can reach its highest potential.

Nonetheless, you need not to confine yourself to a certain comfort zone. To truly maintain and develop the passion you have for writing, you must be willing to continuously evolve. Expand your knowledge and skills. Try different writing styles or genres every once in a while. Remember, nothing in this world is static. Your creativity is set out to evolve in time.

Overall, rediscovering your passion for writing takes some time and effort. You need to make a conscious and willing decision to relive a love that you once lost or set aside. Nevertheless, if writing is what you are really meant to do in this world, then the universe will conspire to provide you with all the resources and opportunities that you need to keep on writing.

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