Day by day the cost of living continues to rise. Similarly, the cost of medical care is also increasing. High medical costs, along with underinsured or uninsured patients, are a major factor in high medical bills. However, there are many common billing mistakes to look for to reduce medical debt. Below we discuss some common mistakes on medical bills.

You should receive and review your bills carefully for medical bill errors. It is essential that you know what to look for in terms of errors on medical bills. First, you need to collect all the medical bills, prescription drug bills, and request itemized bills for each. You should review the records and itemized invoices. This will help you identify tax charges, if applicable. The records will inform you of the details of all the services that were performed for you. So if the number of tests, services or procedures present on the invoice is greater than the number of tests present in your records, then there is an error. In such a situation, you should contact your doctor or hospital billing department and, in many cases, your health insurance company.

Another type of medical bill error arises due to duplicate bills. In this case, the same amount will be billed twice. Therefore, you should verify the invoice after receiving it. Furthermore, hospital authorities are not allowed to bill for the time when services were improperly provided or not provided at all. Therefore, if you are charged for services you never received or did not receive as planned, you must notify the hospital authorities. Billing should be done only for those tests, procedures, etc. that were carried out successfully.

Phantom charges are another medical bill error. Dishonest healthcare providers will bill the patient or their health insurance for expensive treatments, tests, or equipment that they never received. Sometimes your insurance company will inform you that a hospital or clinic is covered, but the doctor who works that day may not be in the plan, and therefore your insurance may deny payment, which is considered a mistake in name of your insurance company.

Errors can also occur due to human error where billing staff incorrectly expresses services and charges or even forgets to bill their insurance company. Often times, the latter is the case, so always make sure that insurance payments apply when you get a doctor.

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Errors can also occur due to human error where billing staff incorrectly expresses services.