Our world is changing with ever increasing speed and many people are finding it difficult to keep pace and cope on a daily basis. Although no one can control the world at large, individuals do have the power to be in charge of their personal world by controlling stress and their responses to it.

Of course a certain amount of stress, both physical and mental is normal (and healthy) for humans but too much can be fatal. According to a report on the Mayo Clinic’s website….”80% of patient visits to their doctors are stress related. Almost 60% of all employee absences from work are related to stress. The World Health Organization calls stress, a global epidemic. Over one million people (in the U.S.) die each year due to conditions/diseases related to stress. This includes obesity, lung cancer (due to smoking), heart disease and high blood pressure. Stress is also a contributing factor in arthritis, herpes, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain and infertility.”

The results of stress or the way it manifests in a person’s life is, in part, their reaction to the situation. Some of the ways in which stress ‘shows up’ are signals that need to be recognized, before more serious conditions develop. The signals may be physical, behavioural or emotional. A few of these are: Stomach aches, chest pain, fatigue, excessive sleeping or alcohol consumption, drug dependency (tranquilizers), compulsive eating, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and impatience.

The good news is that these reactions can be changed or ‘reprogrammed’. By utilizing positive suggestions and imagery a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, supports clients in making lasting changes by addressing their deeper (subconscious) mind. A deep, relaxing hypnotic rest is a very safe, pleasant and enjoyable process and stress reduction is a natural by product.

Many hypnotherapists/hypnotists around the world believe that assisting people with stress relief is so important, that they no longer see clients for anything else. If you would like to acquire the tools to reduce stress naturally, hypnotism can be highly beneficial. A professional hypnotist, not only guides clients through stress relieving sessions and offers suggestions for coping, but also teaches self hypnosis techniques which can be utilized throughout life.

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Linda Winterton is a Certified Hypnotist with a thriving private practice. Her specialty is guiding female professionals and solopreneurs to believe in them self and live to their full potential.
She specializes in stress management and empowerment for women entrepreneurs allowing them to fulfill their goals and help others.

If you truly desire to make positive lifestyle changes, now is the time to learn more about hypnotism. To book your complimentary consultation or for further information visit my website at www.lifeforcehealth.ca.