Eye strain can be a very real problem for anybody trying to earn an income online due to the glare of the computer monitor! Building a business takes time and patience and doing so online requires for any individual to stay focused for extended periods of time on the computer monitor! This is where eye damage can begin to occur if your work habits are not managed and monitored correctly!

Here are 5 simple tips you'll want to incorporate into your daily online work routine to protect your eyes when trying to earn an income!

Keep Monitor at Arm's Length

Position your computer monitor at least an arms length away from you and you'll find that your eyes vision will not tend to blur as often! Keeping reading material of any sort closer then this creates needless straining so follow the same practice with any other research material you may be using in and around your work area!

Angle Your Vision Downward

By positioning your screen slightly lower than eye level you reduce the strain of holding your eyes up to look at the screen! I have found personally that I can stay focused longer on what I'm doing by following this one simple tip!

Keep Screen Clean

Dust can increase create a glare while also lessening image clarity on your screen so make a habit of keeping it clean! Make it a practice to clean your monitor before and after every work session and before you know it this will be become almost second nature to you! Much like building your business, developing these habits will require your time and patience resulting in you maintaining your good vision!

Avoid Bright Lighting

When you stay focused on a computer screen for extended periods it is best and wise to avoid a brightly lit environment! The reason for this is simple, your eyes will not have to struggle as much adjusting to the monitor since a dimly lit room can make this transition a bit easier!

The 10-10-10 Rule

Every 10 minutes look away from the monitor and focus on something at least 10 feet away for at least 10 seconds. This particular 'trick' is very effective although I must admit it does become hard to remember to do so! Along these same lines take the time to schedule frequent breaks allowing yourself to walk about while giving your eyes a rest at the same time!

Computer eye strain is a threat to anybody willing to invest the time and patience it takes to earn an income online! This threat however can be minimized or even eliminated if properly managed and this can be done by following the 5 simple tips offered above! Calling upon a bit of discipline to stay focused on minimizing the strain on your eyes, you can still earn an income but not at the expense of your vision!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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