There are a vast majority of students who commit silly mistakes which land them in scoring low. However these kinds of errors mostly happen when the student is not writing down what they might be calculating on mind. 

Taking down whatever is playing on their mind 

It’s true a lot of children make silly mistakes because they don’t practice on a rough copy or are too lazy to write down what is going on their mind. Hence it’s expected of parents to encourage their children into writing everything in a notebook. Whenever they sit for homework, students should be tempted to write down whatever is coming up on their head so that they don’t miss out on elementary details. If you are a parent who takes charge of your child’s academics, make it a habit for your little one to scribble everything on pen and paper, making it easier to avoid mistakes. 

Working technique 

If you want your child to score high at the exam allow them to write down notes, it will make a huge difference to their performance. Teachers often find out that students who randomly take down notes are likely to score higher during exam. Encourage the child to work more on exam techniques. By reinforcing such learning techniques the student automatically seeks interest in noting down what looks important to them. Allow the child to imbibe this result based technique where they are able to evaluate of what can arrive on a test paper. This is possible especially when students are able to make simple calculations by means of going through previous year test papers. 

Find out if the child is able to realise where they might be going wrong

Handling students is tough but one of the most important skills expected of 11 plus Tutors or parents of students in Colchester is to allow pupils to realise where they are making a mistake. Some students hurriedly finish off exams by pursuing wrong methods. Well! This should ideally not be expected of a child; parents and tutors should rather push them in to getting an original answer for a question. At first as they realise that an answer could be incorrect, students have a habit of continuing with the same mistake over and over again and as a result of which they fail to ascertain what is right. Tutors should teach children to work on the existing wrong method until they truly discover where they might have gone wrong. This helps them get a better understanding of the mistake and henceforth they will refrain from doing the same. 

Do not allow students to make errors 

Successful 11 plus Tutors in Braintree recommend parents that they should not give their children allowance for errors. This will only have an impact on their finals. 

Improving upon short-term memory 

There are times when children face short term memory loss. Obvious signs are when they can’t remember copying figures or words to the next page or forget completing what they are supposed to do next. Such scenarios call for improving upon short-term memory. That’s why Go-Fish is considered one of the mind games that help add to the memory of a child. 

These are few ways 11+ students can avoid making academic mistakes. 

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