Reducing the stress that builds up from sitting in front of a computer should be a concern of every internet marketer! What we're referring to here is not only the mental stress but also the muscle fatigue that silently creeps up on anyone who maintain the same position for extended periods of time! This clearly is very descriptive of exactly what an internet marketer is exposed to and experiences!

Here are 3 quick tips for anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer to help reduce their mental stress and muscle fatigue as well!

Change Locations

For both mental stress and muscle fatigue a change of your environment can be very beneficial and stimulating as well! Staying in the same environment only invites 'routine' which does not help you think creatively. In addition this same routine also leads to you maintaining the same 'physical' position for extended periods of time which can causes both muscular and skeletal problems. It is important for both body and mind to introduce change which promotes better circulation for both limb and brain!

Work in Spurts

Another way to maintain a fresh state of mind and body particularly as an internet marketer is to work in timed sessions! By doing so you will find that you work more productively since you're timing yourself and this adds a certain sense of urgency and focus to your efforts! This strategy also allows for breaks which is equivalent to taking a nap and keeps your energy and productivity levels high! Possible one of the worst 'hidden' dangers of working online is the 'trance-like' state an internet marketer can fall into where minutes turn into hours! This is bad for the body, mind and eyesight as well!

Change Positions

Similar to a location change, by shifting your position such as standing as opposed to sitting can completely change your perspective as well. Standing not only allows better circulation but it has also been reported it increases your ability to think more clearly! Changing positions also decreases the stress on certain body parts thereby reducing muscle fatigue since they are not consistently bearing the same amount of weight! I consciously and consistently do this throughout the day and swear by it! Consider setting up a couple different stations from which you can work and I think you'll appreciate and enjoy the benefits this offers you!

It is important for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer to take measures for reducing the stress that builds up. This is especially the case for the typical internet marketer who unknowingly subjects themselves to an abundance of mental stress as well as muscle fatigue. If you consider spending literally hours in the same position while staring at the lights on a computer screen you understand my point! The 3 tips suggested above are easy to implement and the only difficultly you may have with them is simply remembering to do so! Now if you'll excuse me so that I can stretch out my stiff joints and rest my weary eyes!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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