Well it's the New Year, 2011. We all have to get use to writing the correct year now....like every new year. So looking back on 2010, how was it for you? Do you think it was a good year? Did you accomplish things you've planned to do? Were you able to achieve all of last years new years resolutions? Well if you're like me, you accomplished some but not all of them. But don't fret...there's always this new year.

We have to let go of the negative things or events that took place last year. Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now. If there are things that helped us to make changes for the better, then carry them over into the new year. If there are things that we can improve on even better, then let's try to do that this year. Make up your mind to be a better person. To improve on things that were good last year but always have room for improvement. Whatever you feel can help you to exist in a positive light about yourself, your life, your situation, just do it!

This next excerpt is taken from the wonderful book: Each Day A New Beginning, by Karen Casey. Acceptance of our past, acceptance of the conditions presently in our lives that we cannot change, brings relief. It brings the peacefulness we so often, so frantically seek. We can put the past behind us. Each day a new beginning. And each day of abstinence offers us the chance to look ahead with hope.

A power greater than ourselves helped us to find this program. That power is ever with us. When we fear facing new situations, or when familiar situations turn sour, we can look to that power for help in saying what needs to be said and for doing what needs to be done. Our higher power is as close as our breath. Conscious awareness of it's presence strenthens us, moment by moment.

Enjoy your new year to come, enjoy your life, enjoy your day.

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