What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the principal that every organ in the body is reflected in the feet, hands and ears. All the nerve endings are in the feet and by using various pressure techniques on these reflexes, the natural healing potential of the body are promoted.

There are different techniques used such as Meridian, Vacuflex and the Universal method. Although they are different, the end result is the same.

The Benefits of Reflexology

For each person the application and the effect on the physical or emotional level are unique. The correct stimulation of the reflexes will relieve congestion, improve blood supply and lower stress levels. Deep relaxation assists the nervous system to function normally, thereby affecting all the body functions. Abnormal tension causes tightening of the muscles, thus the nerves are affected resulting in pain. Toxins and impurities are also removed more effectively.

Reflexology and Stress

Stress statistics are alarming. Up to 80% of modern diseases have a stress related background. For example, blood pressure problems, heart problems, migraines, depression and anxiety. We do not always have a choice as to what happens to us, but we make the choice as to how to react to it. The body responds with a burst of adrenalin into the blood stream when faced with traumatic situations. Modern man does not utilize the adrenalin as a response to a threatening or dangerous situation, and it gets stored in the tissues. If the stress situation continues unabated, the body weakens and becomes more susceptible to a variety of diseases. The endless list of modern stressors affects everyone no matter what the age is.

Reflexology, Depression Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Reflexology is an amazing therapy when dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks. Because of the relaxation, it helps the patient to unwind and release all the tension that is caused by the Depression. They very often cry which is very good or they start talking about how they are feeling. Very often, you find out what started the problem in the first place. Then by understanding where they are coming from as a therapist you are able to help them, just by letting them talk. In the mean time, you are teaching them to relax by helping them breathe properly. As a result of treatment, they are able to take more responsibility for their health. I also introduce them to the workshop. The result is that they more often than not are able to come off the drugs very slowly.
The Origin of Reflexology

The system of working on the feet is an ancient form of therapy, appearing in diverse cultures across the globe and through history. Earliest traces of Reflexology have been found around 5000 years ago in India, China, Japan and Egypt. Forms of “Pressure Point Therapy” or “Zone Therapy” were well known in the Middle Ages in Europe.

Present day Reflexology has its roots in medical and neurological studies carried out in the 1890’s in the UK and Germany. An American ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr William Fitzgerald documented the analgesic and anaesthetizing effects of working on points on the feet, which became known as Zone Therapy. Eunice Ingham made great developments into Reflexology and was known as the Mother of modern Reflexology, as we know it today. New developments are a daily occurrence. Such as Vertical Reflexology Therapy and Wand Reflexology Therapy which are used in conjunction with normal Reflexology.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a registered profession with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Bosman
R.T. (RASA), A.P. (BSYA)

Pat was suffering with depression for 17 years and after a major nervous breakdown, she went to a psychologist who recommended that she went for Reflexology to learn to relax. Between the two therapists, they helped her come off all the drugs over a nine-month period and because of her experience, she now runs her own private practice that specializes in Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Twelve years ago, Pat Bosman left her full time employment as PA to a Financial Director in the corporate world to run her full time practice as a Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, in Gauteng.

Over the last couple of years, she has written numerous articles for newspapers, The Citizen, the Beeld, as well as The Caxton Newspaper Group and Internet sites such as Health24, Woman24 and Selfgrowth.com. She has also been interviewed by ITV television, 702 Radio, SAFM and one of DSTV’s Indian radio audio channels. Pat also does talks on Depression and Anxiety nationally.

Pat was Chairperson of the North West Branch of the South African Reflexology Society for five years, she was then elected onto the Executive Committee for four years.

Besides her keen interest in dealing with people who suffer with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Diabetes, Intestinal Dysfunctions and Stress as well as the overall wellbeing of the patient. A couple of years ago she ran a workshop on “Take Time for Living” especially for over-stress and overworked people. She now presents workshops on “Over coming Depression without Drugs” and “Be Successful & Live a Fulfilling Life” which she runs countrywide.

Pat also attends congresses overseas and, in this way, keeps up to date with what is happening around the world.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur she has built her own website www.patbosman.com pertaining to Be Successful and Live a more Fulfilling Life manual and a depression and anxiety. There is also a website www.success-inc.co.za that pertains to the workshops, which is run nationally.
As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Pat covers all aspects of a holistic approach to life.