Just about every form of religion in the world has to do with performing some kind of ritual to a deity or deities. Now, many new age people are performing similar rituals in hopes of connecting to their spirit guides, guardian angels, Gaia (mother earth), etc. The truth of the matter is this, whether it be old religion, new age, or even ancient Egyptian rituals to the sun god Ra, humans have been trying to connect to higher levels of understanding or trying to connect to a higher source of energy. But what’s the reason for this? Why has mankind strived so hard to make this connection, even building monumental buildings in hopes of making this connection? One theory keeps coming to mind... Unconsciously, Man is trying to re-connect to its energy source to bring balance, harmony, and healing back to its body, mind, and soul. But how is Man trying to re-connect to its energy source besides old religion and new age thought…Reflexology and Reiki.

The Theory

Man is born with its soul connected to its energy source. Whether it is God, Universal Light Source, or some other deity, it’s the same source. The soul vibrates at a frequency equal to the “source’s” frequency. This helps the soul stay connected. This is similar to when we send a fax from one fax machine to another. When one fax machine dials the correct number (frequency) to the other there is a connection and the message gets through.

Not taking past and present karmic issues into consideration, difficulties arise when the soul decides to incarnate into a physical body, which is much denser and its energy frequency much slower then the soul. When the soul incarnates into a body the soul’s connection to its source is diminished. We can get a better understanding of this body, soul, and source connection if we visualize the subject being a car. The car is our body, the battery is our soul, and the alternator (creates electricity) is the “source”. The wires that connect the alternator, the battery, and the car’s electrical system together are the connection our bodies and souls have to the “source”.

When a car operates normally, the alternator provides power to the car’s electrical system while charging the battery. But when there’s a problem with a wire connection to the alternator (i.e. wire overheat, age, and rubbing on another structure) no energy is provided to the car. This is when the battery begins to supply the needed energy to the car to keep it operating. This creates an imbalance within the car’s system because there is more energy coming from the battery, which is not being replenished by the alternator, then from the alternator. Eventually, the battery will be depleted and the car will cease to operate. Then the battery must be overhauled or “recharged” before it can be placed in the car again.

The body operates similarly. When we keep our connection with “source” our body and soul operate at optimal levels. But when our connection to “source” is diminished or severed due to stresses occurring in our physical world our body begins to operate on its soul energy. This then creates an imbalance within the entire system. This is where we see disease arise within the body ranging from colds and influenza to cancer. Eventually, if the physical stresses are not removed and the connection to “source” is not made the soul energy will be depleted and the body dies. This then forces the soul to return to its origins to get an overhaul or “recharge” itself. But what can help provide this connection to “source”? What will help remove the physical stresses that cause our bodies to become disconnected from “source”? This is where healing modalities like Reflexology and Reiki come into play.

Reflexology and Reiki as a Bridge to Healing

Using Reflexology, the practitioner would assist the body in removing physical stresses (blockages and congestion) that cause the body to become unbalanced thus eventually causing dis-ease. Once these physical stresses are removed the body will return to its balanced state. The practitioner then would use Reiki to provide a path for “source’s” energy to flow into the body thus recharging the soul (battery) and providing the much-needed energy connection to “source”. The more this connection is made to “source” the easier the body will remember how to re-connect to “source” and the quicker the body will heal (balance) itself.

In Closing

Man has instinctually been driven to stay connected with “source” to stay healthy and balanced. So, not taking past and present karmic issues into consideration, if the connection from “source” diminishes, causing dis-ease, then a re-connection would cause the removal of dis-ease thus bringing balance to the body, which then brings balance to mind and soul. This would give some explanation to the miraculous healings occurring among many people. They have re-connected and have been balanced and “recharged” with the light and energy of “source”. By re-connecting to “source”, with the help of the many healing modalities available like Reflexology and Reiki, we create a bridge between “source” and ourselves and hasten the healing process within us. So until next time, stay “connected”.

Author's Bio: 

- Certified Quantum Bio-Feedback Therapist-2008
- Certified astropsychologist/astrologer-2008
- Doctorate of Naturopathy-Clayton College of Natural Health-Oct 2007
- Certified Matrix Energetics practitioner-2007
- Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner-Sept 2006
- Certified reflexologist, ARCB-2005
- Graduate of The American Academy of Reflexology-Aug. 2004
- Certified Reiki Master/Teacher-April 2002

Dr. Ibarra's been practicing alternative and holistic health and wellness since April 2002, and owns and operates Aviante Health and Wellness Center®. Dr. Ibarra began his practice with the creation of an alternative health modality called Integrated Reflex-Reiki® in 2004. Then, in 2005, Susan Nowelll-Ott and he founded Aviante Health and Wellness Center® in Thousand Oaks, California. By listening to what the client is experiencing, and researching the client’s lifestyle, they are able tailor holistic health programs that best fit the needs of the client.