Innocence is what we get when we lose all we have been told we have to do or be. Innocence is the charm that holds love's grace. Innocence is the unvarnished clarity we seek when we strip away what others think of us. I could go on and on, but I want to know what you think of innocence. I want to know what you know about innocence and I want to know when you last felt innocent. We talk about losing our innocence, but I want to talk of regaining it. How can you get your innocence back?

My daughter had innocence. She cared about what others thought. She crawled into the other person and delighted at what they had to say with such attention. I believe that she could make a zombie feel smart and intuitive. I am off to spend a few days with my grandchildren and bask in their innocence. I know that innocence is contagious for it is a way of looking not only at the world, but into it. I am going to bask in that innocence and feel the contagion. I plan on becoming innocent. I plan on allowing it to bathe me. Gobind's (my grandson) brand of wild, slightly naughty sweetness. He is the best hugger I have ever met. Vayla's (my granddaughter) streaming creativity that doesn't have an off button. She is now drawing aliens and angels since Pritham left and she never put those together. I just asked her when she started drawing these aliens and angels. She was able to describe them to me in such detail. She told me that she started drawing them last year right before Christmas. She is letting the angels through not knowing nor caring. She just is letting it flow through.
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What can you do to embrace Innocence? What can you do to wrap your arms around the unseen innocence and let it permeate you? For innocence really means there is more of the all then there is of the ME. There is more of the weeeee. There is more of the play than is right in front of us. Doing something where we shed us and become the other is the container of innocence. I am going to hang out with children filled with innocence. I welcome them to hang on me, so I, in turn, can learn to be free. The freedom that innocence gives is not about you. Tell me what you are going towards to regain your delightful full front face of innocence. Wahe Guru love and laughter and light to you. I might just be climbing into the essence of you.

Gurutej Khalsa
The Energy Guru

Tis the time to chant and sing see the Beloved in everything.
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